Uhm, lots of dups rn. it's a little disconcerting

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Idk what's going on. The last 8 lootboxes I've gotten have all been duplicates and I'm nowhere near unlocking everything..Like 3 other people I play with are all having the same thing happen.

Anyone else?
That usually mean you have all white and blue items from normal lootboxes.

It shouldn’t be giving them otherwise.

I wouldn’t notice a difference, if it is happening, as I already have all white and blue items in the game.
Almost positive I've received all the sprays and most of the new voice lines.

Believe my previous ~6 loot boxes have all been dupes. Or a random epic not from the current patch.

I have not received a single epic nor legendary from the new additions. It's been easily 20+ boxes (purchased 10, rest were levels/arcade) since then. The drop rates seem much lower on this new content.
I've been getting all dupes too lately and I generally take it as a good sign.

It means that I pretty much have all non-event whites and blues in-game, so they are not going to interfere with the drops in the lootboxes of upcoming events (i.e. Year of the Dog event next week).

Until then, bonus credits is nice.

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