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Which one do you like playing
Mercy or Sym. I love healing, but that microwave beam is just... delightful.
Before Moira came out, Lucio.

But Moira far exceeded my standards for fun than Lucio ever did. There’s something about her that never gets old, and her design + concept always leaves me intrigued. That’s why if she gets a nerf, im done. For me, Moira is probably the best hero balance wise and conceptually, so nerfing her would be a huge slap in the face to me and many others I think.

Moira only left me excited and hopeful to see future support characters, because now I know they can be done right, and be extremely fun as well.
My boy Lucio, peeling for our other Support with boops and disengaging the whole team from enemy ults (like D.Va, McCree, Mei ults etc.) with speed boost are my favourite things
Lucio or Ana. Can't and haven't played Mercy since her first change to Valkyrie. Moira is alright but she isn't my favorite support.
Zen. I've already put 200+ hours on him in competitive alone and he never gets boring for me.
It used to be Mercy... now it's nobody, at all...
Zen, Moira, Lucio
Ana <3
Zen. But I stopped play comp, so I can't play him anymore(not gonna heal 5 dps in qp)
Watch out!! IT'S A TRAP!!!

He's a Dev in disguise!!!!! answer him and your Sup will get nerfed to death!!!!!!
Its a tie Zen/Lucio even though Lucio is practically dead in the meta right now because of Spamoira.

I used to love Ana but she is virtually unplayable now.
I enjoyed Mercy and Lucio.
I don't anymore, both of them…
Was Mercy... now I don't touch the Support category, unless I'm feeling frisky and decide to dust off my Symm "skills".
I enjoy Symmetra and Moira.
It used to be Mercy.

I enjoy the others, although I’m not very good at Zen and I can’t land many sleep darts as Ana. Lucio is fun, and I love countering Genji ults. I love Moira’s orbs and the fact that she can deal with flankers.

I am awful on Sym.
Mercy in terms of Character and lore.
Zen in terms of gameplay and utility.
Mercy, especially now after the last patch. Separates the good from the bad.
1.0 Mercy was my favorite character to play, but now I just don't really play.
I used to play mercy but that was long time ago =p
And in one stage I enjoyed playing Zen but I got bored
So now I playing Ana and Moira. I find them fun to play

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