When to Play: Moira vs. Mercy?

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I just wanted people's opinions and tips on when to pick Moira and when to pick Mercy.
Moira ... whenever you want. Mercy ... whenever you want.

here you go
Consider Mercy when on defense, when you can pocket a ranged DPS. Moira when you have a deathball comp that sticks together more, reinhart + hog or orisa hog
Go for Moira when you're going for a comp that has 3+ tanks since she has amazing heals and if the comp isn't very mobile.

Mercy has great mobility which is a huge aspect of the hero, pick her if you know that the team won't be together at all times, ~2 tanks and with a Pharah
Moira to pick: Slow deathball comp (i.e. Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog, Orisa, McCree, Reaper, Soldier)
Moira not to pick: with dive tanks, flankers and sniper (Winston, Dva, Genji, Tracer, Widow, Hanzo, Pharah). rather take Mercy here.
Mercy to pick: every comp works for her (though I'd recommend Moira in a Deathball comp AND only if you have another ranged healer in your team, i.e. Ana or Zen), best works with following DPS; Pharah (obviously), Widow, Hanzo, McCree, Symmetra (<- pocketed by Mercy is a nightmare). Mercy works good with dive too, just need to be careful when jumping in with your tanks.

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