Heroes that need buffs/reworks in your opinion

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02/04/2018 04:38 PMPosted by Star99er
There’s nothing wrong with Reinhardt.
Besides the fact that everytime they "Fix" his charge they apply more butter to his armor
02/04/2018 05:23 PMPosted by XecutorAdun
02/04/2018 04:52 PMPosted by KuroTheGory


Junk (Builds ult way too fast)
I would add Hanzo to reworks, and Moira to Nerfs, all within reason, though.
Eh hanzo imo Only needs a slight nerf and moira doesnt really need one imo.
Heroes who need Buffs:
- Mei
- Sombra
- Reaper
- Doomfist
- Torbjörn
- Lúcio
- Ana
- Doomfist (and also bug fixes)

Heroes who need Reworks:
- Symmetra
- Hanzo
- Mercy (deserves a REVERT)

- PyroPanda
I will say as a Doomfist main that Doomfist definitely needs some buffs and bug fixes still, but he's not in as bad shape as the Doom(fist)sayers say he is. I think he's a character that's really hard get right balance-wise; He can basically delete have an enemy team with a bit of skill and a bit of luck but it's high-risk, high-reward.

His entire kit is based around diving right into the enemy and getting up close. You can't change that fact without making him a character who isn't Doomfist.

Personally I think a few core things need to happen:
  • Rocket punch's hitbox just needs to be slightly more forgiving.
    This is a delicate balancing acts but right now you need really pinpoint accuracy
  • Wall sliding is back and definitely needs to fixed.
  • Doomfist's own hitbox needs to be shrunk. Even with his damage shield the fact that he gets in close to do anything useful with so many hard counters working against him means he will alwayssoak a lot of damage. He's already at the mercy of a large roster of ranged and lock-on characters, but the large target on his back makes it far too easy for hitscan characters to just destroy him.
1. Doomfist
2. Sombra
3. Hanzo
4. McCree (Just because too much of his kit is JUST his primary fire imo)
Small buffs-
Maybe Ana

Medium buffs

Large buffs

Small nerfs
they need to buff doomfist
Symmetra just needs a more consistent classical support ability in her base kit. Like giving personal shields to everyone within a cone in front of her plus herself for self defense. On a short cooldown. By shield I mean a bubble that lasts about 5 seconds. Almost like a temporary buff.
I noticed a few people asking for Lucio buffs. May I ask why?
02/04/2018 04:33 PMPosted by Santa
1. Sombra
2. Mercy
3. Symmetra
4. Reinhardt

What about you?

Thanks for being the first person to actually include Reinhardt in one of these lists. His kit is buggy and he could use a SLIGHT adjustment to the way his barrier regenerates.

Worth noting you forgot Mei though.
Bastion should be on the top of the list because he was FAKE BUFFED for 3 days.
i really like how no-one mentiones moira as of yet with all these 'moira op' posts.
good lord is moira fun to play.
02/05/2018 10:22 AMPosted by Blam320
I noticed a few people asking for Lucio buffs. May I ask why?

They're only asking for a small radius buff on his healing/speedboost because it's currently so small that he/team are more at risk of group ultimates. 5 meters would be enough tbh.
02/04/2018 04:38 PMPosted by Star99er
Switch Reinhardt with Mei. There’s nothing wrong with Reinhardt.

His shields get eradicated quickly. He needs some sort of help

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