Mercy doesn't receive HS while Rez when she HEADBANGS!

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<span class="truncated">...</span> LOL the thing is not this. the important thing is that something about this kind of stuff was mentioned by the developers and that they would get rid of it - didn't happen. she can only receive body shots, and theres no way to kill her with a single shot aka HS when she does this. it's a problem for DPS players.'s...not? Again, if you can not kill her in the duration of time rez locks her in place with body shots--your DPS are not playing DPS correctly. You don't HAVE to get headshots on anyone for a confirmed kill.

When trapped in one of Junk's traps you can still kind of move your upper body. Should we draw attention to that as well? Wouldn't want anything at all causing people to have to aim or resort to body shot kills, right?
You don't get the point.

If a widow aims for the head and clicks , she should be able to get a critical hit.

And what if I found the mercy on the last half a second of the rez ? Should I not be able to kill her because of some cheap tactic ?

Also "wouldn't want to have anything to make people actually aim or go for bodyshots" are you trying to imply that bodyshots take more aim than headshots ? And unless the ability's point is to cancel critical hits , It shouldn't be able to, I shouldn't have to aim for the body if I can get the head.
There is nothing wrong with that. Just aim for her body, she's standing still, her body hitbox does not change. If you miss that, sry man this game is not for you.
Mercys have been doing this since 1.75s casttime was introduced. I personally find it unhelpful because people who can actually hit a stationary target, kill you nonetheless. I've been headshot countless times while doing this.
Most people don't know this though, you don't always need to go for the headshots. The amount of times I juke Widow/ McCree mains (3800SR+) by simply crouch and A-D spam just because they go for headshots is insane. I played a few times against a Widow main who actually went for body shots when I was crouch and A-D spamming. He killed me every time. Same goes to a few McCrees I've encountered.
Also, by your logic, it's unfair for a Rein to go nuts with his mouse when his shield is up to juke a RIP-Tyre, Junkrat spazzing his mouse so his ult is not easily destroyed, Genji spamming double jump to mess up his head hitbox or Dva spazzing her mouse when boosting to safety so she's harder to hit.
Mercy is so slow when rezzing so that she's almost standing still, she can't crouch to prevent crouch spamming. So the only thing left for her to do while waiting for the rez to go off is spazz her mouse. Which, let's be honest, doesn't make her base hitbox harder to hit. She can also still be CC'd. The only thing it really does it look funny for everyone seeing it. Good players still kill her if she does it or not, and bad players... well they still miss her, if she's doing it or not.
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She's protecting her head hitbox so she cant get Critical dmg come on how braindead are you guys there is nothing wrong with that
The "only" problem is that people cannot kill her by HeadShot while doing this...

Thats the point so she doesnt die right away, come on
As someone on r/OWU once said: you don't need headshots to get kills.

Just aim for bodyshots instead. It's not hard.
How is this different from spinning while not rezzing?

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