Rework CTF - Put back a flag timer

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I tried the new CTF "version" which I think is really bad and far from being enjoyable. You have removed the timer to take a flag and say:

"The games are now much more offensive and much more action packed"

Yet from the games I've played in CTF competitive, this is completely the opposite. Since you can capture the flag without timer, why even bother to attack?

How it is played is simple, have Lucio on speed pick up the flag, wall ride to your base while your teammate have hero such as to completely deny upcoming damage and make your way easily to your own flag.

This is clearly not offensive and far from being fun. All you do is run after an headless chicken. There's literally no interaction between teams as you simply want to grab the flag and escape.

It badly requires to have his timer back, then you'll enable defense hero (which are completely irrelevant in this format) and have proper full team fight again.
Agreed, I loved CTF last year... this version is so steamrolly and not that fun TBH. It might be the map though. The fact that lucio can wallride up the area below, pop in, grab the flag, jump back down and skate to safety has such little counterplay.

Also I expected defense heroes to do well but they're absolutely useless.

I think making mobility skills drop the flag was a good change (should have included wall ride) but the timer should have stayed. Or at least don't force us to play a map where you can pop in and out of line of sight while grabbing the flag so easily.

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