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So after foolishly trying to become an Ana main in low silver and dropping to an abysmal 1300 SR, i got my !@#$ together and made some changes. I messed around with my setting so i had solid frames, got my internet fixed so it was more consistent, started doing aiming drills almoat every day, and went back to playing dps heroes. Things were looking up. My aim was better then ever before even if im atill bad and i was getting hundreds of SR every day. More importantly my gameplay felt much more consistent, meaning i felt alot more confident about myself in general and thus played better. Before this my biggest hurdle was being overly critical of my own performance to the point of where it would ruin my day and completely destroy my self esteem, so i was feeling pretty good about being able to move past that. But after i got to around 1850 SR i ran into my newest hurdle, which you have probably already figured out is smurfs.

I realize the topic of smurfs is controversial and im not saying there is never a justifiable reason to have one. Useing one to learn a new hero because your regular rank is too high makes sense to me, but the sheer amount of smurfs that i seem to run into at this level compared to just 100-150 SR lower is mindblowing. I also understand that both a new player that has tons of dps experience and is just better is a thing, and that random games where you do great with a hero you never play occasionally happen, so chances are at least some of the time when i think its a smurf, its totally not.

Lvl 83 hanzo that is landing almost every single shot with 7 hours on his profile

Gold widow no star that is completely destroying the team with 6 widow hours

Tracers who are one clipping me that have 6 hours of playtime

Genjis who obviously know what they are doing because of seemless and accurate ability use as they destroy everyone, all the while sporting an impressive 13 hours of total genji playtime.

Im running into these people every 2 or 3 games on average, and sometimes 2 or 3 games in a row. This isnt an exaggeration, and it doesent seem to matter what time of day i play. Also, its not uncommon for these people to be a gold rank with no stars thats duoing with a bronze or silver player. As a dps player its even more frustrating because when i recognize what these players are doing, i have no choice but to always try and focus them every single time they are around, because if i dont, they will kill everyone. If i turn around to shoot a flanking sombra for 5 seconds when i turn back around the entire team is dead and im about to get steamrolled. So not only does it make me feel extreemly constricted (because then i feel like the team is counting on me to control the smurf even though they are much better then me,) but when i fail, i feel like the loss is my responsibility. This gets 10x worse once the smurf identifies me as a threat. Bonus points if i manage to kill them instead of just do enough damage to make them retreat. Once this happens, the smurf will single me out and force me to duel them. Over. And over. And over again. And every time i lose they will walk away and kill everyone else. This compounds the feeling that its my inadequacy thats loseing us the game.

All in all, betwean how it changes a match and the sheer amount of times it happens, its really starting to put me down. How does one overcome this hurdle? Does it ever get better? Also i want to mention that i dont care what team the smurf is on. Im not any happier over winning a match i dont deserve because we had a widow smurf that terrorized and ruined the enemies game then i am about getting destroyed by one. It takes the fun out of the game for me no matter what. What should i do, and why in the world are so many people purchasing this game so many times??

Sorry for spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors i did this on mobile. Thanks for taking the time to read this
Any 'smurf' in Silver belongs in Silver. It is low elo. They are not keeping you from winning.
Keep your head up bro, and keep trying to grind.

On the note of smurfs, I hate to break it to you but smurfs are almost non existent in Gold and below. They only really start showing in mid/high Plat and above.
getting out of bronze, silver and gold is really simple, Ill give you a guide on how to get out of there:

-there are little no aim in those elos
-people in those elos have really poor positioning
-the instalock dps is a bigger problem in those elos
-said intalock dps players have junkrat/reaper as they favorite heroes
-the few support players in those elos arent big fans of ana and zen, pick moira, lucio regularly but they favour mercy

what hero in the game can benefit from the 5 statements above?

exactly, pharah, play pharah, one trick her if necessary and youll get to plat easily, fair warning, in plat people will figure you out so youll have to learn more heroes but at least youll be out of silver
I understand the frustration you're going through with smurfs and low levels dominating games. According to your profile you play mostly McCree in comp, so I'd say that always trying to improve your gameplay, working on your aim, game sense, etc will help you get good enough to win your duels against most people.

You're not going to find many smurfs in silver who are significantly higher than silver rank, because when you do they climb extremely quickly. Every now and then I will run into smurfs on my main account but the vast majority of the time, they're just alt accounts who are around the right skill level playing different heroes.

Just try to improve and enjoy the game as much as possible and not worry too much when you see low levels. When I first got the game I placed bronze and climbed fairly quickly because I had experience in other FPS games. Not all low levels are smurfs trying to ruin everyone's games

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