Symmetra buff idea: make her secondary fire orbs faster

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Symmetra, as we all know, is ludicrously situational to the point of having a pick rate of 0% in Overwatch League. I've seen people talk about her needing a drastic rework, but something simpler could work. Something as simple, perhaps, as making her secondary fire projectiles move faster.

Right now, her secondary fire projectiles move a comically slow ten metres per second. Watching one of those blue orbs of energy meander towards you is like watching a snail approach you, and about as threatening. Sure, they hit like a truck, but getting hit by them is almost never going to happen. If they moved faster, however, they'd be way more useful.

A faster secondary fire would help Symmetra a ton. She could do way more damage way more consistently, could actually do something useful in a team fight, and could get her ult(s) way faster without having to rely on turret cheese. She could become a properly active defense/support hybrid instead of just farting around until the enemy shows up at the point. Now, exactly how fast the projectiles should be is another question entirely. Should they move at a similar speed to the 35 metres per second of Pharah's rockets, or a similar speed to the 50 metres per second of Soldier's helix rocket? In the latter case, the damage would probably have to be decreased so that it's not overpowered. What do you guys think?

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