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I'm gonna say Soldier is not at all easy to master or even perform baseline well with. I don't understand why so many people think he is, just because he has a basic kit? There's a lot of nuance to his kit and I still can't perform with him at an acceptable level, but it's dishonest to say he's easy to use in any capacity. Even to pick up there's a lot of basic knowledge you need to be proficient with.

Genji is far easier to play with. You don't have to worry about fall off or bullet spread, your bullets and cooldowns have generous hitboxes and are easy to hit with as they are the same size as pre-nerf Hanzo hitboxes and bigger in the case of reflect and swiftstrike. Not to mention he has the easiest escape mechanisms of any character with free double jumps, wall climbs, swiftstrike with refreshes on elimination, and faster movement speed.

You're not even punished for mis-using his swift strike if you team picks up your slack because it just refreshes for free. All this with one of the best ult of the game that doesn't have to worry about positioning like Soldier's does.
Junkrat. End of discussion.
Well this is a tricky one. A, to use a very stupid phrase, 'spam' damage hero like Pharah would be pretty easy to pick up and have decent impact with, good mobility, predictable primary fire, massive damage, but at the same time her skill ceiling is incredibly high. Same can be said of Junkrat, you can pick him up and do okay, but doing good takes a lot more skill than people give him credit for.

Then there are the mechanically basic heros, like Mercy or Symmetra that dont require a lot of aim. Easy to pick up and play, sure, but again, deceptively high skill floor given how much focus these heros have on map awareness, positioning and gamesense. You have to know the maps, where your team is, where the enemy team is, who you should prioritize healing/killing first, and most importantly, how to not die. Its a massive challenge most people ignore.

Personally my pick for this would be Soldier 76. Playstyle wise, hes nearly identical to every other FPS protag in the last few decades. Assault rifle with medium range and good fire rate, shift to sprint, self healing, if youve ever picked up a FPS game before, youll be able to get Soldier figured out in short order. Id even argue that his skill ceiling isnt even particularly high, he is mechanically demanding but thats about all you need to do well, you only need basic map and team awareness to do well with him, not really anything over any of the other heros
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Genii, just keep spamming space bar and right click


Edit: can’t wait for gengu mains to die in hell when sombra becomes useful
That's... Extremely hostile...

As much as people love to call her this super difficult hero, It really doesn't take much to get the hang of her. There's also torb.
Widowmaker. Just click on their heads and they die instantly. Point and click adventure levels of difficulty. That's basically her entire kit, the only thing to learn. Some positioning helps but really it doesn't matter as long as you click on some heads. Also no falloff and hitscan so you win against all heroes at all ranges.

I'd say Junkrat. Mercy is close, but she needs to actually be a bit picky about what she's doing; the nature of a healer, I suppose. Junkrat on the other hand, is meant to spam.

If you factor in ease of mastering, I'd have to go with Mercy. I played her the most of any character in S6; it was only 37 mins or so total, but it was more than I've ever played her before.

I only did placements, but was often the only person willing to try her since she was so important.

Went 7-3, and I learned to play her quite decently in that short period of time.

It's not an insult to say this, though; it's good to have a hero like her.

I know the forums are very defensive of her, but every new player is able to perform wonders with her.

Before you call me a "sh!tty DPS/Mercy main" or whatever insults you guys love to throw out, just think about how quickly you could learn/do well on her compared to other heroes.

"She requires game sense yadda yadda yadda" so does everyone else in the game, Einstein. She has the most forgiving hitboxes in the game, even without her handheld laser-tentacle. Not to mention her shield that can block more damage than Orisa's.

I'm not saying you can't enjoy her, I'm saying that she's extremely forgiving and easy to pick up.
A ton of people are saying Soldier but I happen to disagree. In terms of dps the easiest would be Junkrat, Pharah and Reaper.

Junkrat is just pure spam. There is no getting around this. There is a bit of decision making but mostly it’s the decision to blow things up that is usually utilized.

Pharah is more difficult to master when you get higher because people will pick hitscan and you will have to learn how to move with her in the sky/behind cover. She is mid spam because you have to be sort of accurate with your weapon.

Reaper at lower levels is the Point and Click man. You point at body of target and W + M1 until thing dies. Of course this is harder the higher you get and his range is pretty abysmal. But you can effectively not be in the battle until you or the enemy decides to close the distance. His spread and damage just make him easy. Of course the Reaper who lands headshots at very close range will win a duel quicker but any other dps can keep their distance and take him out that way.

If you took Soldier’s helix rocket and heal station away while putting his mobility on a recource meter then people would say he is a skill hero. Those are the only things that make him easy. And the fact his first 4 bullets have no spread and alright mid/long range capabilites.

Basically just ask who is boring or unoriginal to play and you have your answer about who is the easiest. Are they easy to master? Meh that depends really.
Probably Moira, Lucio, and Mercy, in ascending order of difficulty.

For DPS, probably Torbjorn, Mei, and Junkrat, but there's a long way to go for the ceiling on any of those (the last depending more on the particular map).

Every opinion I might throw out about a particular tank being easy or easier to pick up than others seems too quickly countered by how poorly a random player may perform on them.
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Which character do you think is currently the least challenging character in the game?, this is in terms of ease of learning to play as well as ease of mastering.

Junkrat, hands down. At least with Torb or Sym you actually need to expose yourself to get any real value out of them (otherwise your turrets will just melt). With Junkrat, just find a corner and shoot in the vague, general direction and watch the free kills pop up because of his inexplicably large damage radius.
Junkrat and Mercy will always be the least challenging heroes to play, although I think Moira deserves to be in that rank as well.
After all the nerfs Mercy is the easiest hero to pickup to play and master. The most she has now skill wise is positioning.

Thanks to the rework and the nerfs there is little difference between a GM mercy and a Bronze Mercy.
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02/10/2018 02:00 AMPosted by Yoů

I'm not saying you can't enjoy her, I'm saying that she's extremely forgiving and easy to pick up.

Aaaackchually, Sym is really anything but forgiving.
She *is* kinda easy to pick up since she can easily carry if she's also being carried by a good team(no aim microwave ftw!)...
But sadly almost every popular heroes out there just counters her pretty hard right now, that it has become a stigma in the community where picking Sym in comp equals throwing.

As easy as it is to pick her up, it's another story to actually play well with her against players of similar or better skill level.

To answer OP's question though, i agree with it being Mercy. I don't see why newbies will ever have a problem trying to play her... Just stick to a tank/dps and heal/buff away, while trying your best to stay alive.
Junkrat, Mercy, Trollborn, Symmetra.

in that order
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Gonna get hate but... Probably Mercy... debatable on the mastering part but definitely the easiest to learn

I honestly kinda hate to admit it, but i totally agree.
Athena, she just says where are you going...
Widow, just your generic sniper with nothing special to her. Find a good spot, sit back and click heads. Even if you can't click heads and just body shot it's still helpful.
Probably Soldier. He's your standard FPS shooty guy. There's a reason that he's the tutorial character.
Mercy by a pretty large margin.

Winston at least has to time !@#$. IF you go in at the wrong time you will get destroyed

Symmetra is just so UP that I would have to say she's challenging in some way

those are the only ones I can think of.

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