My game keeps crashing!!!!!!

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5114FE67-552E-4FDA-A5D0-25F23AD4AB3D this is the error code. please can you help me it had happened 3 times, once in competitve
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When you are crashing to where the Blizzard Crash Handler app appears, this is often due to outdated drivers or a conflicting program. Please follow these steps first if you have not already.

If nothing helps, please go ahead and start a web ticket and share those crash errors in the ticket. Please also remember to add your system files so that Blizzard can learn about your computer quickly.

Obtaining System Files:

Starting a web ticket:
I just got kicked from the server while in a perfectly winnable comp game and then told I needed to update OW...

*puts on tinfoil hat*

I think there may be a connection... pun intended.

Any reason for the ban for 8 minutes and the SR drop?
02/08/2018 11:29 AMPosted by GeekHelix
Any reason for the ban for 8 minutes and the SR drop?

All disconnections will be penalized. Details on this policy can be found here:
So even when it's Blizzard's fault, I will get penalised?


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