who actually watches streamers

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02/01/2018 07:52 PMPosted by BEERKNIGHT
02/01/2018 07:51 PMPosted by nozmail
guess you haven't watched p**n huh?
that's an exception

so what you guys are saying is what esports and streamers is to you, is what p**n is to me?

well since you don't watch other sports, i got nothing.

of course i only watch someone i support. you support by watching. simple.
I feel as though Twitch and the like are over-saturated with streamers now, and it just makes them all unappealing to me. I watch some OWL and have learned a lot of tricks as far as game sense goes (though I'll never have the cyborg aim those players do). I don't need to watch more than that; they're all basically carbon copies of each other anyway. I find the single-person streams just boring, and their 'usuals', like their subscribers and whatnot, in the chats are mostly creeps and weirdos to boot, making it even less fun.

Besides, like someone else said, I'd rather just play with my friends than spend time watching someone stream the same video game we could be playing ourselves. There's MUCH better content I could be consuming as far as video content on the internet is concerned.
You can learn a lot from GM/Top500 streams. Be it map awarness, cd management etc. Can't really play during night shift at work so i can at least watch some streams too.

There are also boob streamers with usually more views that normal streamers, but you can guess why people watch them strugle in gold/plate instead of some quality gameplay. Some streams are watched for the streamer instead of gameplay, there's no other explaination to how can people enjoy watching some fat ,randomly screaming bearded guy hammer turret on his amazing "Torb only way to GM" stream at 3am.
02/01/2018 07:39 PMPosted by BEERKNIGHT
i want to know why someone would choose watching a game over actually playing it

Why do people watch TV?
Playing the game in Plat/Diamond is terrible. No communication. No teamwork. One tricks. Throwers. Toxicity. Every game.

Watching a high ranked streamer is amazing because most of the teams communicate and work together.

Sometimes I wish that SR reflected your willingness to work as a team instead of your hard-carry ability. Sigh...
02/01/2018 07:57 PMPosted by Draco
I watch OWL because I like seeing the game when everyone is coordinated, running preset strategies, and essentially playing the game as it is meant to be played. Also they play at a level I will never see otherwise.
That said, I don't watch streamers for any game, including Overwatch. If I'm watching someone play in a more casual setting, then I may as well play myself, because I can get the same experience as the streamer.

This was a response to OP asking why watch a game, not specifically his stance toward streamers.

I sent one of my recorded games to my friend to show him the game I like. He said it was cool. Overwatch can be an interesting game to watch. I’m just not into esports for my own reasons.
I rarely watch stream, but sometimes i watch youtube vid of streamer gameplay to learn
02/01/2018 07:43 PMPosted by Rannan
Who actually watches sports?

I want to know why someone would choose watching a sport over actually playing it.

I don't know. That's why I don't watch sports.
The streamers that make up, like, the first page of Overwatch streams on Twitch, are generally cancerous idiots who screech for the amusement of 10-year-olds.

I can count on one hand the number of streamers I don't want to see take a boot to the head.

That said, there are a few streamers I watch for commentary on certain specialty heroes and to generally see how they feel about current affairs concerning the game.
It is not that much about the game itself. People often watch webcams for the social experience, feeling drawn towards the streamer and the atmosphere he or she creates. Some spectators might not be able to play at that given time, eating lunch or whatever for example.

Some streamers even build communities, organize events and provide several functions to their viewers, like being a guide, adviser or person of integrity in general.
beta orbiters and soyboys
i watch only because i can't play my computer doesn't have the specs :( but i'm getting a new computer tomorrow i'm so excited to play symmetra! :)
I dont play games 24 hours a day, so i have enough time to watch whatever, so also a stream...

I rather watch a movie, but i think calvin is a nice streamer...
Because I'm a darn moonsub.
I don't watch streamers often, but I like watching tournaments. It's interesting to see what the best teams can do, and the atmosphere of a well done tournament like LoL Worlds, or even OWL is fantastic.

When it comes down to individual streamers, the only one I really watch is imaqtpie, and that's because it's a nice chill stream that runs at a good time. I'm not a huge fan of the overly enthusiastic easily tilted streamers, like xQc or T1, but qtpies stream is nothing but good gameplay, a chill atmosphere and solid banter.
02/01/2018 07:39 PMPosted by BEERKNIGHT
i want to know why someone would choose watching a game over actually playing it

Millions maybe billions of people watch sports. I have season tickets to the devils, a hockey team. My family and I enjoy going to games. They are fun and exciting. The team will invite us to meet and greets with the players. Everyone is friendly. The organization treats its fans with respect.

Sports are also a social thing. On Sunday my friends and I will get together and watch the Super Bowl. There will be food booze and good people. If you are that narrow minded that you think people don’t watch sports you are out of touch. Do you think ESPN would be a thing if people wouldnt be interested in it.

Hard working people love sports. Entire cities are passionate about sports. So you need to kind of get with it and realize just because you aren’t into something doesn’t mean no one else is.

Every guy I know likes sports along with every woman. In college on Saturday we would all go to the football game. People who didn’t go would have it on tv. Your sports team represents you. Why do you think the players are held to a code of conduct?

They represent something and people live and die with their teams. Some people cry when their team loses and become extremely happy when they win a championship.

When you are at a sporting event your team feeds off the energy from the crowd. The crowd will chant and cheer and it’s insanely loud.

When I was at the devils game when they beat the rangers to go to the Stanley cup you wouldn’t believe how loud it was. The crowd does chants at a hockey game. It’s fun.
02/01/2018 07:48 PMPosted by HanzoMaker
Or, you know. You can play game AND watch stream on second monitor/console/smarttv/ipad

To not feel lonely and not sitting in silence.


/manlycuddletears ;'(
Because it's a form of entertainment, you aren't just watching someone quietly play a game, the person makes it entertaining to watch. It's more about the person than the game.
Cus playing when you're tilted by Mei otps thinking they're the god tier endall to pharamercy (spoiler alert; mei dies) you'd rather not tank SR.
02/01/2018 07:43 PMPosted by Rannan
Who actually watches sports?

I want to know why someone would choose watching a sport over actually playing it.

I hate watching sports I rather play it. I dislike people who say they like sports but cannot even play the sport they watch.

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