Your worst character.

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Widowmaker, McCree, Hog, Zenyatta, Junkrat (somewhat), Hanzo, Lucio, Mei, Ana (sleep dart missing). Those are just a few examples.
Doomfist and Genji. I just don't have the spacial awareness to not tunnel one opponent as them, which is a death sentence.
Doomfist, hands down...I only ever played him in mystery heroes and I get deleted instantly ._. can't for the life of me figure out how to exist as him, let alone not be completely useless </3
Hanzo easily. Anytime I pick him up its like my thumbs magically disappear.
Doomfist. I feed when I get Doomfist in Mystery Heroes. One time I got two whole elims once before dying and switching! That was the best Doomfist I've ever played.
Doomfist lol
Honestly I think it's Hanzo. I can't land scatter arrows as Hanzo at all and my aim is mediocre at best. At least Widow is a hitscan.

I was going to say Genji. But then I realized that I'm worse on a lot of other heroes and my mediocrity of Genji is more a result of not liking his playstyle and never playing him rather than being actually bad as him. I have more playtime and am worse on a lot of other characters.
Genji and Doomfist as I don't have the reaction times to play them well.
Sombra. I hack as many med packs as possible and I have the trans/stealth/hack/kill pattern down, but I just can't secure enough kills to make it really count.
Then Hanzo
Then Mei
Then S76
Then McCree
Oh that's a tough one. I guess hanzo just do to my hits being more inconsistent than others characters but not by much.
I know I'm the ONLY one, but Mercy lol.
I just don't feel like I'm doing anything if I'm not shooting so I don't play her for the safety of my team... of a Bastion main I guess.

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My worst is Widow. I am just a terrible sniper. Doesn't even matter what FPS. I am guaranteed to be a terrible sniper in it.
Widowmaker, which is surprising because I expect to transfer my McCree aiming skills to widow, but I can't hit anything with widow
Genji, its so ironic since his supposedly one of the most flexible hero in the game in terms of the kit he’s given but i literally act like a log with him.
Doomfist for sure
Ana and Sombra feel like my worst though according to overbuff I'm think I'm around the 75% percentile for those two which makes them two of my better characters?

My actual worst is probably doom cause Ive played him so little, his mechanics are very non-intuitive for me.

I like her overall but not her playstyle and i find her boring actually, and with her skill cap i am more bored to learn her to perfection

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