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Easily widow
Sorry big Russian. Can't play you for sqweebs. T^T
Mccree. I find that pistol so boring to play. So the whole flick shot thing I can't ever get into. Sadly my aim and game sense for other hitscan heroes are better than my Mccree because they actually have non buggy abilities and actual abilities. Since Mccree's most forgiving trait is a deadly headshot aim then I never have picked it up out of interest.

He may be the most basic shooter in this well ...shooter. So to me he's not fun.
Easily Widow/Hanzo/Doomfist. Everyone else I can play at least somewhat competently.
I can't play McCree worth a damn myself, I don't have that precise aim you need

Zarya isn't easy for me either, mostly because the shields are too finicky for my taste

I'm alright as Widowmaker but I take too much time aiming :x
literary all supports but zen and lucio
02/01/2018 11:04 PMPosted by SpaceJester
Name a hero you are simply the most awful at. Mine is Widowmaker because I'm trash at hitscan and burst damage at the same time.
not the only one which is why i play support on battlefield need like 600 rounds
I can't play Reinhardt.
Junkrat. I know. But for some reason I can't get a feel for his kit.
Junkrat. even in his overpowered state I can barley even get a damage medal and never have had much fun with him.
02/01/2018 11:08 PMPosted by isshoman
I can’t play mccree. idk what it is about him but I cannot hit a damn thing when I play him (and I usually only play him against my will in mystery heroes).
Have you tried changing your crosshair? I did and I went from beyond useless with McCree to occasionally reasonable with him.
Mine's D.Va. I tried with her, but I just can't make her work for whatever reason.
Anyone that is a sniper (with the exception of Ana, since you're mostly forced to stay by your team). I have extremely poor eyesight (even with glasses on), so even when scoped, I still struggle to see enemies properly. Also playing Genji and Doomfist is really difficult, too much mobility for my tiny, fat hands on a 5-year old controller to handle lol
Hanzo and Doomfist. Just can't connect anything consistently.
I get more DPS done with Winston's tickle gun.
Road, Rein, Zen, Doom, Sym, Torb, Pharah.

can't hook no one, charge through a crowd missing all repeatedly, can't surprise ambush as sym, shot-delay on road & torb & pharah & zen still not used to.

surprised I don't care for learning pharah since I've been into FPS-z with projectiles for the longest time.

Hanzo is also ultra-unreliable but fun, and still can't stand mccree but only due to the crazy recoil that tires my eyes.
Genji and Winston. I don't like their playstyles, so I never play them outside of Mystery Heroes. When I get their ults in MH, i just mash buttons because I have no idea how to use their ults.
02/01/2018 11:14 PMPosted by kosaba11
I don't know why but I just cannot grasp the concept of her. I think I have honestly under twenty minutes of time on her?

That being said, anyone who can play her, you're amazing.
Doomfist. I'm far from the best DPS ever, but I can usually land at least a couple of shots on every other DPS hero. But I can't hit a damn thing with Doomfist lol

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