Why is my normal score effecting my comp CTF score

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Win doesnt mean you played good.

I am diamond in ctf and i had 9 wins but i did a lot in these games.

Why you should be placed in plat for example if you are bronze ranked? They would totaly destroy you there. This is not only lucio game.
Why wouldn’t it? You wanna just start in gold even if you don’t deserve? I’m low master in comp and placed almost 4100 in CTF
Exactly, this is basicly classic comp game with different objective.
This isn't Lucio-ball. You need to have great game sense and skills to do well in CTF. Having GM-McCrees together with Silver Soldiers wouldn't be much fun, would it?
I placed 3827. Pretty sure that's proof that CTF is separate from your main competitive rank.
If you're Bronze in the regular comp mode and can't hit a wall riding Lucio, then it's going to be the same in CTF. No difference in skill isn't going to get you a higher rank.

This isn't Lucio ball where you're hitting an object around. You're still trying to eliminate players in CTF.
If you're bronze in comp do you expect to be diamond in CTF? Your MMR is the same because you don't magically become a new player
Did you really think that you would go from bronze to GM just because it's a different mode? What, did you think your 2CP SR would be different from your Assault SR?
id Rather be crushed and know I’m at the rank I deserve for frivolous game mode then be handicapped because of stuff I did 5 seasons ago in a completely different game mode.
I had the same problem.
My friend and I got the same win:loss ratio in Competitive CTF, with 6:4. She is in low plat in regular Comp, I'm in low gold on regular Comp. She got low plat in Competitive CTF too, and I got mid gold in Competitive CTF. It's surely affected by your regular rank, and it's stupid.
Although I had 3 idiots on my team who threw my last placement match. The enemy team won so fast that I got less than 1000 XP from how fast it was.
But I don't know if even that big of a loss can drop my chances by a whole rank, so it's way more likely that it's affected by normal Comp rank.
02/09/2018 09:06 AMPosted by peachykeen
id Rather be crushed and know I’m at the rank I deserve for frivolous game mode then be handicapped because of stuff I did 5 seasons ago in a completely different game mode.

Couldn't say it better. One's skills in CTF can be completely different than their skills in the regular modes, so it's dumb to make the ranks so connected.
As to the above I think they stop considering QP MMR after you do placements, so it was all they could go on to place you in games that would be 'fun'. If you had played comp recently, your SR would probably be higher and you would be placed there instead of what the system had to work with.

However, the silver lining is that you'll climb fast due to the CTF mode giving you the new account bonus SR. You'll quickly stomp a few games (if you also understand the game mode and meta) and be placed more where you belong per your current skill.

I think people are over thinking things. There is evidence that you get a ton of new account bonus SR in this mode. People will rise and fall quickly based on this. You will be where you belong - higher or lower - in no time. Just play the game. Things will even out.
I'm confuse on what this ranking was base off. I'm silver in normal competitive but platinum in CTF.
02/09/2018 07:24 AMPosted by iloveyou
I placed 3827. Pretty sure that's proof that CTF is separate from your main competitive rank.

Yes but the ballpark is established by comp rank/MMR. My first comp CTF game put me with masters. It wouldn’t have done that if I was silver. Your performance from there determines your placement.
im mid-high plat(2600-2900) mostly on reg comp. placed 3400 on ctf comp, feel like this is where i belong. actually doing good and working well with team mates.
Overwatch uses percentiles. Maybe you are higher because there's space? =)

It could also be because you are way better at CTF than at regular comp. Lol. It is really different.
The Comp CTF has certain factors involved in it - which determine your SR. First off, it's your personal performance. Although overwatch is a team-based fps game, solo performance often matters just as much as team performance. Another factor is your current SR in normal Competitive. You play with and against people in your normal Comp Tier during placements. I'm a Diamond in normal Comp, but got placed in Platinum in CTF Comp because I won 3 and lost 7. My current performance wasn't praiseworthy, and I really didn't do much in the games - thus my relatively low SR. (BTW, CTF Comp shouldn't be played like Regular Comp... After all it's a completely different Game Mode. One may be great at CTF but really bad at Regular. Don't be deterred.)
wait, I'm still confused.

I played normal comp, then did 6 placement matches in competetive CTF, won 4/6, and my career profile shows my SR is down 50 points from where it was when I stopped playing normal competetive.

edit: I checked the statistics tab and it still shows same number of games played/hours/etc still, too.

edit edit: Turns out the 50 SR drop was from my client crashing upon joining a comp game. rip.
For most people CTF Comp ends up being the same SR you have in regular comp. It was like that for me and 8 different people on my friend's list.

I ended 1250 bronze on CTF comp which is like 200 less than my current regular comp SR (maybe because I was just a killing machine but hardly went for the flag, so I ended up with a high K/D ratio of like 20-2 every match and 3-4 gold medals BUT rarely capped the flag so...).
Your "real" MMR or your QP MMR have no influence on it (mine is high-gold/plat-ish according to every FFA and QP match I play).
02/08/2018 08:06 PMPosted by peytonieus
Me and my friends where all doing comp ctf together and when we where done he got gold and i got bronze hes in silver in normal comp and im in bronze but i never did last years competitive ctf. So why is this effecting my comp ctf score some one please explain why this is how it is this is dumb honestly overwatch really must hate people trying to get good.
PS/we one 7/10 of our placements in competitive ctf for the day of the dog event.

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