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Just finished my qualification matches and want to share some thoughts about this mode.

First of all, a huge thanks for Instant Death! This feature now solves the draw problem completely and I'm really grateful about that!

But there's still two major problems:
1) The flag carrier ability restiction. As was mentioned, all mobility skills now force the character to drop the flag and that's right. But, at the same time, this feature made Lucio the dominant must-pick:
- His Wallride doesn't count as mobility skill and he can freely use the speed boost from it as an advantage.
- His non-amplified Speed Mode Crossfade doesn't count too (but I am completely okay when he use Speed mode+Amp to accelerate an ally with flag - that's the teamwork!)

I think it would be better if Lucio Wallride will also count as mobility skill and force him to drop the flag (I am not touching his Crossfade Speed Mode because making it a "restricted ability" will create an unhealthy situation when Lucio becomes the counter-productive flag carrier!)

Again, I am not against Lucio being a very valuable pick in CTF, but now it's just too much freedom for him. Also the next problem make worse the first one and this is...

2) Flag Instant pick-up. Overall an interesting feature! It partially solves the "turtle defence" problem, makes the games more dynamic, but, in my opinion, it could use a small change: when a teammate is standing on his flag, any enemy character trying to pick it up should spend one second or two to do it (contest feature, in short)
Now even when one team succeds and eliminates the flag carrier, someone else can just lolcharge through their position and instantly pick it up (despite the flag temporary "lockdown"). This is not looking good.

With my proposed change the Defenders team tanks could "pile on" unto the flag and buy some time for teammates before the attackers will drag it away. And with Wallride change Lucio will not be able to slam down on the flag from the skies and quickly run away with it.
(And yes, I am aware that Genji/Hanzo can climb the walls without droping the flag - that doesn't grant them this much of an advantage as Lucio Wallride does)

Well,thanks for making this to the end! I experienced a lot of fun playing CTF 2.0, the changes look mostly appropriate, the matches became more fluid and interesting strategic-wise, but small additions will not hurt, in my opinion.
Feel free to post your opinion about CTF down there.

P.S. There's probably some grammar mistakes. Sorry about that.
With my deepest excuses, bump.
I only played a few matches yesterday, but I was already starting to think this re: Lucio. If an agreeable change, I can't see it being implemented this time, but we may see a further update in the future.

For your second point, it feels like this would have been an intentional design decision. I haven't played enough yet to understand if this is a problem, but on paper I'm not sure I have anything against it. I feel like this should be accounted for as part of any tactical decision making.
Lucio does feel too powerful. It would be much better if the flag carrier had a capped maximum speed, and only teleportation abilities dropped the flag.

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