Unable to Que after a comp game.

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The situation is as such, Myself whom is 1597 and my friend who is 1670 also grouped with one other person who was in placements. We qued for comp and the game was normal. We won, but it was a good game.
After we got out of the game and returned to the main menu to que again we got this message.
So we could no longer que as a team, So I dropped group and the other two could que, I joined back and again locked. My other friend that had placed dropped group so just myself and my other friend who was in placements could play and it was locked.
The player in placements was new and this was the first comp season so there was no previous SR to contend with. I know the issue has to be projected SR, but we can't see that. I perhaps am naive in thinking you could play with anyone during placements, but apparently that is not the case anymore.

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