Who else would like competitive CTF to stay full time?

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I don’t know about everyone else but personally I am really enjoying the CTF as a comp mode. This creates for a fresh game style with different strategies and metas as well as allowing the underdog heroes to shine.
I have only been playing comp ctf, i loooove it, really do hope they keep it.
Favorite game mode, I would love for it to stay full time
yes, because it's hilarious. these are dark times, and we need to laugh while we can.
I have seen a few of these posts asking for comp CTF to stay permanently and I couldn't agree more. I just hope the OW developers see these and take it into consideration. Comp CTF is a fun and enjoyable game mode with a lot less toxicity than regular competitive. I have noticed a lot more 4-6 stacks in this mode creating a lot of different metas' and teamwork strategies. Isn't this the whole goal of the OW team?
only if they allow tracer to blink with the flag
02/10/2018 11:40 AMPosted by Tactician
only if they allow tracer to blink with the flag

I disagree. Any mobility advantages would cause major balancing issues. Just look at Lucio right now for a reference.
they fixed ctf and made it my favorite gamemode so far, right next to deathmatch. i genuinely hope they keep it as prominent in the arcade as deathmatch is. it's the only competitive i've bothered to play placements for, let alone feel motivated to try and rank up, since season 5 or 6.

there is actually zero reason for them to remove it after the event. the only thing i can think of is that it gets more people playing during the events, but not really because it just makes existing players more happy, not bringing in more. every event is going to bring in players anyways, they always do, so again i say what reason is there to remove it at all?
I also would love to have this new gamemode to stay. I also wouldn't mind if they allowed spectator mode.
comp ctf is awesome so far
CTF is awesome.

BUT Lucio needs his wall-ride boost to be removed or toned down for this mode. Of course he's mandatory for ctf, not opposed to that. But how he can traverse the terrain with a constant boost from song AND bouncing off walls is too much.
I was VERY skeptical that it would be anything other than frustrating junk. But I had a great time playing it today.
liked lucio ball better
Would love it to stay. First time I've ever been in plat.
Should be perm, at least in arcade mode.
All the lucio mains can, again feel their importance in meta.
id love to see a ranked arcade mode that had ranked 4v4/deathmatch/ctf/lucio ball. plus a ranked random event that lasted 4 weeks, and rotated. a lot of people think these types of features will split the player base. but really all it will do is grow it.
Yes but nerf Lucio in that mode.
I would. Same with Lucio Ball and No Limits. I don't even play 3v3 but that should be as well.

Make a group finder too.
I can take it or leave it. Lucio is too OP for that mode; it's CTF, the goal here is to get to the the enemy flag as fast as you can (Lucio boost) and back to your flag (passive Lucio speed)....

Also, it's about as exciting asszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...watching the OWL...same character pics all the time:


Sudden Death is whichever Lucio or Winston or Character with an ult gets to the enemy point first.

The characters aren't balanced for this mode at all...but it nets Torb and Sym less hate!
I have a friend who's a sym main, he loves this mode. He can play sym without getting flamed like normal comp, because the maps cater to defense heroes more then usual.

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