“It’s High Moon; It’s High Tide; Experience Festivity”

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Where are these voicelines? They should be in the game by now.

In order, coinciding with the title, the skins should get those voicelines: Van Helsing McCree, Lifeguard McCree, Nutcracker Zenyatta
Experience Festivity...

I'm just done.
Lost potential
(╯⨱Д⨱)╯︵ ┻━┻
holy !@#$ you're right

I'm still waiting on a "Heroes Never Drown" line for Mercy.

Though I'll probably need to wait at least another year. Wanting another Mercy legendary before the rest of the cast has had a turn in the spotlight, would be greedy.
Gamebreaking issue!
Hahaha just kidding, as someone who plays McCree a ton, I'd love these lines to be added :P

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