What Game Do You Play To Wind Down?

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I've been getting off the PC and playing a backlog of good narrative-driven single player games on the PlayStation in short bursts.
Stardew Valley is the most relaxing experience one can undergo.
Well, if stress from Overwatch has you in a murderous rage.

There's always Dead by Daylight.

Where you can play as the killers from Halloween, Friday the 13th, Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, and a character that's similar to Jason, and another character that is like the nurses from Silent Hill but plays like Tracer with a knife. And yet another character that's like TF2 DemoKnight, but with a chainsaw. And another character that kinda makes you think of a psychotic version of Winston.

As a survivor, it's the most tense version of competitive hide and seek, with a side of mechanical engineering.
Lately, 2D platformers. I've been dabbling in Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion, Sonic Mania, Hollow Knight, and some of the SNES greats like Donkey Kong Country 2.

I tried Cities Skylines for a bit but it's a little too slow for me, though I do want to get back into it eventually. I also recently got Dragon Ball FighterZ, and although I am a fighting game fan first and foremost, that game is anything but relaxing. In fact it seems to require as much indepth game knowledge as Overwatch, and I've already put too many hours into this game to start the process over with another one, so I've put that on the backburner for now as well.

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