Do people play more comp or qp?

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I usually play more in qp, (about twice as much) because I tend to have more fun there. Is this common or do most people play in comp? The only reason I go to comp is when I want a more stable team balance and a longer game. QP is usually more chilled and relaxed and comp is typically very toxic. Is this just my experience or does anyone else feel the same?
02/12/2018 04:43 PMPosted by KevinAteNine
QP is usually more chilled and relaxed

because win or lose does not effect much, so people are more unlikely to care

02/12/2018 04:43 PMPosted by KevinAteNine
comp is typically very toxic. Is this just my experience or does anyone else feel the same?

Comp is more serious, therefore there are player who more enthusiastic
that why it cause toxic when things dont go well
I literally do not play quick play unless with friends.
I play deathmatch to warm up and otherwise comp only.
On this account for example I have 60 hours in qp and 220 in comp and around 15 in arcade.
I prefer QP cos it's more laidback and relaxed and stuff.

A lot of the time it's more fun as well, and I can try out new heroes and meme strats.

USUALLY, it feels like how the game should be played.

QP is just for getting better with other characters/friends.
If I play comp, I don't have communication (voice/chat) on. I don't like having people rage at me. I seriously don't have to take it so why do it?

Even when it really is my fault, they'll give the most insulting non-constructive criticism ever. Like, I don't need it lol.

I'd rather pick up on what my team is trying to do and play along. Voice lines are good enough.
I hate qp. After the first 25 levels, you can't pay me to play it. If I'm going to play a team game, bare minimum I want us to have the same goal: winning. Same reason I hate PBSR, because teammates often have conflicting priorities when we should all just be focused on winning.
90% of the time no teams ever group up. Comp is bad enough but often in qp people aren't even bothering to try to win.

I wish that team death match was always on. Far better way to practice mechanics with tanks and support than qp.
Comp — gotta get those golden guns. But really, I just don’t like people quitting midgame and not trying to do teamwork. Even if there are some leavers in comp and not always good teamwork, there’s a better chance.

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