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If you are playing torb/symmetra in CTF and turtling the flag, while the enemy team has a lead, you are doing effectively nothing

if you play super defensively while you are losing, all thats going to do is have your team lose more slowly

all you do is force your team to play 5v6

thats not to say that can't play these characters, only that you have to actually push offensively when you need to be instead of emoting next to your turrets for 10 minutes
sorry but that's very false. as of right now, Lucio is dominating the game. if everyone pushes, leaving turrets only to defend the flag, it's a super easy steal for Lucio. there needs to be someone, or in my opinion, two people, defending the flag at all times unless there's a bunch of picks for a full team push

also anyone who thinks a full 6 man team should be attacking the enemy flag is a fool. the point of the game is to capture the enemy flag and defend your own

i don't want to hear people demanding a 6 man push while simultaneously complaining that no one on the team is defending the flag
Now that the flag gets instantly picked up turrets don't do much. They walk in and get shot a little and walk out.
Players WoW capture the flag a lot back in The 1st and 2nd expansion time periods.

Teams that didn't defend some would have someone sneak in and get the flag pretty quick. Teams that left 2-3 defenders could at least stall until friends got back. You don't always need the whole team to capture and something like a torb that can heavily damage a Lucio with auto aim turret isn't a bad thing. Sym turrets are kinda unless depending on where you put them since one boop can smash em all.

Once patch goes in to fix the lucio wall run issue, they should be a little bit better.
Tbh, having a torb and a sym in the face of Lucio is pretty much the only effective way I've found to stop him. The only time's it's failed is if he's ulted and then jumped down or if one of his teammates jumped in to wipe the Sym turrets before Lucio grabbed the flag.
02/13/2018 01:28 PMPosted by FudgeShark

all you do is force your team to play 5v6


If the enemy team has 6 players attacking and you cant win, sorry, it's your own fault, the flag is free for taking.
reply to all the people saying that you play sym/torb to counter lucio;

very valid point, but now lucio can no longer wall ride with the flag, does this change anyones opinion?

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