What are we expected to do when playing Mercy?

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01/31/2018 02:39 PMPosted by Tarshaid
your abilities are magnified
How is res magnified exactly?
Return to spawn room
Press H on the keyboard.
Pick a new hero in the DPS category.
Turn off mic
Join in on the DPS fun.

In all seriousness just be more picky on res and remember that GA is slower now in Valk. I plan on healing when needed as mercy/lucio but I am branching out from support roles to DPS.
-Heal/boost the team
-Help defend the point after the enemy team has been weakened
- Use Valk at the beginning of a battle instead of a losing battle
-During Valk rez the teammate with an ult available or a tank
lean to play something else not only 1 hero u want to be imbalanced u are bad thats it
01/31/2018 02:56 PMPosted by mvpjones
-During Valk rez the teammate with an ult available or a tank
-Promptly die because rezzing in a team fight is now completely out of the question
01/31/2018 02:35 PMPosted by Mercy
What is her designed place?

Why is her ult just a much worse version of Transcendence now? Can she even save her team from any uts anymore?
Mercy's place in the game is now in line with every other balanced hero. Your job is exactly the same, except now it won't automatically give your team an advantage against teams with no Mercy. Previously you could instantly rez 2 people per fight and that alone made a huge impact on the game. Now your impact will be based on your own skills such as deciding who to heal, who to damage boost, who to rez and keeping yourself alive.

Mercy 2.0 was broken because multiple instant rez in every fight had literally no counter. Look at every level of play up to pro and this explains why she was on every map in every comp. Mercy will still be the most played healer just like she was before the rework, because she can provide reliable healing and damage boost on any map. But now you can play a different healer who isn't Mercy without throwing the game for your team.
01/31/2018 02:58 PMPosted by Jublis
01/31/2018 02:56 PMPosted by mvpjones
-During Valk rez the teammate with an ult available or a tank
-Promptly die because rezzing in a team fight is now completely out of the question

C'mon man it's a 50/50 chance for the enemy team to be distracted long enough for Mercy to cast ressurection
The way she was changed, it was to be this big fight changing ( and delaying ) ability that mercy could use as a "play maker"

What they obviously intended to do (as seen from the recent patch) that they dont want Mercy to be a play maker.

Her intended design (now) is to be a Consistent Healer and utilizing the elements of her kit to preform this purpose.
Mercy is Schrodinger's Hero. You are expected to both play and not play her. You are disliked if you pick her, and disliked if you don't. She is a paradox. Maybe her next E ability should be to lock someone into a state of quantum uncertainty.
Jeff spoke about her in his dev update. You might watch that on Youtube. He also said nothing is set in stone, but they felt as if she had two ultimate abilities at once and wanted to address that.
Hold LMB.
Use Ult to move faster from spawn.
She is a Support/Healer. That is her job...but to players and "Pros"

She is an attacking hero who can fly around. Forget about healing or boosting, just shoot.
She is still the best hero to check skyboxes on maps, at least for now yet.
No snark, but I'm legit more inclined to use Valk post-nerf to harass a widow, enemy support, or Top Gun the crap out of the Pharah that's been giving me fits.
Ok, let's see:

"Mercy should be healing".
Moira heals more, in area with her main attack, and has a secondary healing ability with a medium cooldown that heals EVEN more. In area. On a cooldown.

"Mercy has a low cooldown high movement ability"
Moira has a medium cooldown high movement ability, that DOES NOT depend on your allies, giving you more independence, while making you invulnerable while using it.

"Mercy should be boosting her team"
Zenyatta has a no-cooldown ability that boost the team indirectly. This way can be more effective as Mercy can boost a single ally: Let's suppose two dps and a offtank are focusing their attacks on an enemy anchor tank. Mercy will boost a single ally, which means the three allies will cause 10% more damage than if she wasn't boosting them. If Zenyatta throws his Discord on the target, all three will get the 30% boost, resulting in a 30% more damage over what they'd inflict if he wasn't there. A reminder though, that Zenyatta's orb can be placed at virtually any distance, from a safe place, while Mercy needs to be close to their allies.

"Rez a target during Valk"
Assuming you are using Valk to heal a single character (which is a total waste, so it should never happen), you'd be rezzing back to the teamfight at least 200HP rather than healing 105HP (constant healing during 1.75 seconds). Since when you ult, you should be healing AT LEAST three heroes, you'd be outputting a whopping 180 HP/s. 1.75 seconds of that healing equals 315 HP. You'd need to rez a Tank for rezzing to be worth more. BUT... If you are rezzing your tank, it means you have only one tank left (on a 2-2-2 comp), which makes you extremely vulnerable, so you'd slave your remaining tank into keeping you alive while you rez. Leaving the other support to fend for himself.

Now Moira, on the other hand, can burst output up to 1050 HP in up to 9 seconds, without popping her ultimate. She can bring back a half-dead team back to life in little to no time. If one of her allies dies, her healing orb will have more health to dispense to the surviving members, so the dead ally's health is somewhat converted into his allies' health. And she doesn't slave a tank to defend her while she does so.

"Her ultimate starts teamfights and helps your team advance"
Firstly, both Zenyatta and Moira can do so with their ultimates. Even Lucio at some point. All except Lucio's can be countered with a single Ana grenade, as all four of them require the team to be in close proximity of each other. However both Zenyatta and Moira output, during their ultimate more healing than Mercy can. Assuming everyone stands really close, Mercy can output a maximum of 4500 HP during her ultimate. Moira can output 10500 HP, and Zeny can output a meager 22500 HP during his ultimate. All those pushes can be countered by many ultimates, specially burst damaging ultimates, like DVa's Meka and McCree's High Noon. Mercy's ultimate is no different.

"She can still resurrect"
Her resurrect ability is extremely situational now. During a teamfight you'd exchange 105 HP healed to rez an average of 250 HP (the average health of the common Overwatch hero), while slaving a tank to defend you, for over 2 seconds, since you are still vulnerable after rezzing, before you GA somewhere. After a won teamfight you'd rez to expedite an ally's comeback, but most of the time you'll be healing your teammates who have been inflicted damage during the teamfight you won. If you let your fellow support top 'em up, then you'd rez someone who would respawn soon enough with a safe trip to the objective. And after a lost teamfight rezzing one hero would only serve to feed the enemy team their ultimate energy.

"She passively regenerates health"
Zenyatta does recharge his shields 30 SP/s after 3 seconds not hit. Mercy regenerates 20 HP/s after 1 second not hit. Lucio regenerates his health 16.25 HP/s, but can burst heal 31.5 HP/s. And due to Moira's nature, she's constantly regenerating her health 30 HP/s when she's dealing damage, like she's supposed to to keep healing.

"Shoot when necessary"
Mercy's blaster outputs 100 DPS. Zenyatta's main fire outputs 115 DPS, and he has a secondary attack that can cause, under perfect circumstances, 230 on a single volley.

So... How are we expected to choose to play Mercy when there are other heroes that do just what she's expected to do, but better?
01/31/2018 02:38 PMPosted by Fendalton
Um, heal her allies? Damage boost allies when they're all at full HP?

Mercy has a movement ability on a tiny cooldown
She can still resurrect
She can damage boost
She passively regenerates HP
She can fly in her ult and heal or damage boost everyone

You're acting like they removed her ability to even heal. Now all Blizzard need to do is a MMR reset and the game will be ace.

This. Also jeez people, the nerf happened only a day ago. Play her for a while and get use to her. D.Va appeared to be trash in everyone's mind upon her rework, and down the line, it turned out that she's still very strong! Give it time!
You’re supposed to go on forums and show everyone that you are an inept mercy since you feel as though she’s all of a sudden unplayable and relied entirely on her ult

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