Seriously debating quitting comp entirely

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I agree with playing with friends or try your best to make some new friends through the game and play with them for a better gaming experience.

Toxicity can be temporarily remedied by muting the player.

Game throwers sadly are another issue entirely. I recall one match where someone went as Symmetra and activated a teleporter at the very beginning of Route 66. The payload had no challenge as a majority of us were far away on the other side of the map. Funny for the trollers, but screwed the defending team. This resulted is angry players leaving and taking the 50SR loss while the rest of us played the remainder of the match for the inevitable loss.

Not sure what the solution will be for trolls. Not like this game has active GM's that can pop on servers and police matches.
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I know what you mean, i only do placemens now and just stop playing because i cant deal with the show of ranked solo que.

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Ye be in the forum. Makes sense.
I don't think you can have a game you can really call competitive played online across a gaming population, and not have pure mayhem. 'Comp' mode was really a commercial from Blizzard to get you to think you could game for serious. They obviously aren't the only ones doing it.
A bit of an update on this; still 300 sr under where I belong (which is in the 3500's, I'm 3244 right now), lost 3 games, lost about 20 sr each, won a match, gained 30, lost one because of a leaver, lost 25, *barely* won a game on dorado as moira and getting 3 gold medals (among them 50 elims and 17k healing) and I gained... 9 sr. 9 sr when I'm hundreds and hundreds of sr under where I belong. Excuse me? What broken system are you POSSIBLY using that thinks THAT is okay? the game KNOWS I'm under-ranked because even with the new sr system I was gaining more than I was losing for wins and losses. I'm sorry but it's kind of ridiculous when it punishes genuinely under-ranked players when the reason at fault could not be any further away from them.
If you are a master you'll climb back, no biggie.
Why so much angst, we all had both lose and win streaks.
Also the only place you "belong" is the one you could effectively achieve and maintain on any number of accounts. Sometimes you get super unlucky and may get stuck like 1 tier lower, but sooner or later u ll climb back... If u can. Cheers!

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