Idea for Junkrats trap+mine nerf.

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After Junkrats mine nerf, you can't lay traps and mine and 1 shot heroes anymore.

What do you think about allowing Junkrat to be able to place 2 mines down and allowing both to be detonated at the same time.

If you lay one mine down, you can lay another, and both will stay. If you lay a 3rd mine then the 1st one disappears.

If you have two mines down you have to detonate both at the same time.

This would allow to get 1 shot kills with his mine again by laying 2 traps down.

His nerf is a big hit on his consistency, you can't 2 shot anyone easily anymore in less they are right in your face as throwing the mine won't finish them most of the time.
This wouldn't fix the issue, and would tie up even more resources just to make the combo work. It's only an issue because Blizzard didn't consider the impact giving him proximity damage that falls off immediately would do to his kit, and in all likelihood they still won't take that into account since it seems like all they want him to be used for is choke spam and tires.
They needed to nerf his primary fire, not his ability.
I honestly could care less about this combination. No one in higher tier games wants to wait for the once in a while trap-mine combo. I'd rather the mine and grenades fly faster so hitting the thing you're aiming at is a bit more palatable in higher tier play.

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