Skins that you want/are going to buy?

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What are the skins you're grinding for this event? I've been grinding like crazy since halloween and I'm up to 2500 credits (yeah, the drop rates for credits are that bad) so hopefully I can get Pharah's skin. Post below what you are trying to get.
I would really like Widowmakers black Lotice skin, but alas, my luck has run out. I haven’t gotten a single skin in any lootboxes I’ve opened in a while.
I'm going after McCree's, Mercy's and Genji's

I barely even play McCree or Genji but they just look so sick
If I don't get the Winston skin this time around I will buy it on the last day, have more than enough credits. Zarya is the only skin I really want. Everything else is a bonus. Have the Genji skin already.
Already have everything I wanted last year though I would buy Mei's Luna skin. I got Chang'e last year. Been good RNG this time hope my luck streak lasts.
I want the Genji, Pharah and the Zarya. Already got Mercy, and not interested in any skins that much from YOTR. Got the Chang'e for Mei, no others yet. I also want the emotes for Junkrat & Roadhog, as well as the highlight intro for McCree.

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