New CTF map is imbalanced, please fix. (video inside)

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I tried posting this just now and it didn't. I thought maybe I had to learn the map better, but after others started posting about this, I knew it was a design flaw and had to be fixed.

Here is a reddit post on it:

But that is actually something I didn't catch on to.

There's ANOTHER line of sight that gives a huge disadvantage to junkrat, symmetra, ana, and widow depending on the side you've spawned on.
There noticed them much for a symmetrical map.
This will be my last attempt at bumping this since Jeff is active. Hopefully you can take a look at this ! (huge advantage to snipers on temple side, junkrat, symmetra)
I got a POTG from that same spot. Tried it the next game when I was placed in the other spot... impossible. Not symmetrical at all. Whoever spawns in the beat up part of the map gets an advantage.

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