The reason as to why six stack is borderline unplayable

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(We're a 2900-3000 team)

This may not be seen as many as an issue, due to queue sizes averaging around 1-3 stack (I think). Anyway, I've been playing in a 6 stack since season 1 and have seen the changes that have happened over time for these stacks (more meta changes, less chance toxicity for example).

However, 6 stack for most of us in our group have been having less and less fun due to something simple; the 1000 SR bridges for queue sizes. More and more (especially this season & season 7), the amount of high SR DPS players (3200~) queuing with gold supports or tanks (2200~).

This is by all means not saying that DPS is better, the tanks and supports will still **** us over, but the amount of high diamond hitscans (like Tracer, Widow and McCree) are making it unfun. The reason is due to the low gold players dragging the average SR down of the pre-made which ends up putting the pre-made against teams (like ours) that are closer packed in SR.

A simple, temporary fix would be changing the SR spread for Diamond to 750 or down to 500 as 1000 SR is too much of a gap ranging over such a diverse skill range which will ultimately turn people off from playing in larger stacks.
A 1000 SR gap is too much for the lower elo's. It should be 250 like the higher tiers.

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