You're in charge of the develop team for a minute...

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Hurry, think of any change to send live!
It gonna stay even after your minute in charge.
New heroes
Destroying all the casuls by making this game completelly skillful so it destroys you over and over and over so you dont have any choice to git gud. humilliate all the ones who complain, by creating achievements like this:

Achievement Unlocked - Crybaby - Make somebody Quit a QP Match, unlocking unique sprays

Im a monster
Bastion damage nerfed 15%. Sym damage nerfed 10%. Doomfist damage nerfed 10%. Mercy rez switched out for a defensive skill called Radiance which blinds the attacker for 2 seconds while she flies away and notifies her team of the flanker. Range is short in a bubble.
Mama Hong, or more lore. I don't want to dabble in balance.
Reaper gets his orbs back
Doomfist gains more shields after landing rocket punch

but most importantly

Torb wall climb
Mercy 1.0
Deal with it
Let the downvoting begin.
02/04/2018 05:44 PMPosted by Grevier
Hurry, think of any change to send live!
It gonna stay even after your minute in charge.

Oh by the way... please don't say Mercy 1.0, that would be extremely mainstream.

How about revert Mercy to 1.0 but keep the 2.0 tag-to-rez mechanic, so that she can't hide in a closet but rather has to run across the battlefield touching each teammate she wants to revive. She has 12 seconds to rez as many as she can. Meanwhile, she has rapid self-healing, but not complete invulnerability, and Guardian Angel is on its regular 2-second cooldown. Valkyrie becomes her E ability and just gives her 3 seconds of directed flight, which she can use to escape, dive an enemy or catch up with her team when there's no GA target in range.
(Claps hands)
“Everyone! Start conceptualizng an anti-dive tank hero! The forums have been wanting a new hero that counters the dive meta, and in fact, my boss has said that Hero 27 will be ‘meta-changing’! So let’s make that happen! C’mon everyone, get to work! PHIL! WHERE’S MY COFFEE?!”

- PyroPanda
A minute isn't enough time to do anything.
Give all heroes a dabbing emote
I'm sorry...
EDIT: Also give Torb wall climb
Ok, here it goes.

Remove Junkrat from the game entirely
Nerf Orisa's shield/rework Orisa completely
Remove Mercy from the game entirely
Remove Symmetra from the game entirely
Remove Mei from the game entirely
Nerf D.Va so that she isn't OP anymore and so that she actually takes skill
Rework Moira so that she actually takes aim. And no 200 damage orbs.


Suddenly all casual elements have mostly been excised from the game and this game suddenly takes skill.
Start production on a Overwatch movie or tv series.
Remove ultimates
Make Mei more viable
D E L E T E M E R C Y F R O M T H E G A M E ! ! !
Then deleke @LL heroes X-cept Symmetra
And then delete Overwatch from my hard drive!
And the delete System 32!
And then delete myself! [jumps in vat of acid]
Balancing policy change. All future balance changes will have to be approved by a panel of high ranking and professional players, will be driven by data, and voting will occur subsequent to the deployment of the change on the PTR (but prior to being made live).
Mercy-removed all forms of rez and give her a more fun ability that's actually meant for an FPS.

Also add a pyro character
I fix Genji's deflect hitbox and take away his passives.

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