OW South America needs your help!

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Nice post, man. Too bad they don't see to care to much about forum in overwatch. But awesome post!
Help SA community, guys.
Let's upvote this thread.

Tamo junto!
Blizzard wont care, brasil wont make them money
Brasilian community is the most toxic community in entire OW American servers.
Help us :( Im mexican play in the NA server and get around 90 ms ping, impossible to play mcree or widow.
we're really in need of someone from blizzard to taking a look at this closely, i won't post everything i posted on Reddit here cuz it's already there o/
i think blizz will not answer this post :c
they never do man, if you see the forums we don't get answer to anything. they prefer to do some videos that looks like they are doing something i guess.
Please Blizzard help us from south america, with SA only region.

Thanks for your time.

<3 OW
Even though i'm not South American this sounds like a great idea, diversity is one of the biggest complaints about OWL, doing this will help garner more viewers and fans for OWL and Overwatch as a whole.
soon, when google's broadband takes over the world, you could play with people from antarctica like they are in a lan together :o
this is a very important issue for the brazilian overwatch community
bora blizzard eu não aguento mais
Come on Jeff, help us!

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