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Because its impossible to have Tracer be "balanced", but UNDERPERFORMING at most ranks and pub games, while OVERPERFORMING and being a nearly mandatory at pro play.

Theres no doubt that Tracer is a difficult hero to play. Maybe not the most difficult, but she requires a fair amount of personal skill, as well as a coordinated team. When those two factors are in play, she has few counters and can be the deciding factor in games. Obviously, high level play fulfills both. In pubs, that isn't always the case. To be decent with her, you need to practice, but having a pub game that can allow you to do so is hit or miss, and only then can you really get better.

So how do we balance her? There could be nerfs to her or the introduction of a new counter. This would fix the issues at the high level, but it would make her already limited appeal in pubs even less. Buffs to her would imbalance OWL beyond repair, and I doubt that anyone is interested in seeing 1 character every game. Its a conflict between the pro and pub level play. Ideally, Blizzard could do something to make Tracer's skill floor or required minimum team competency less demanding while lowering how effective she is in a perfect team, but that requires a lot of careful tweaking.
At least she needs a 15% ult charge rate decrease for Pulse Bomb
I started to play her this season in QP to see how hard she is. So far My Opinion is that she is really hard to learn but i'm practicing as much as i can to learn how blinks, She is extremely fragile. The reason i picked up Tracer was to learn her weakness and to learn how her blink predictions work. To counter her i usually will use Junk Rat and its been working fine out for me. To me learning how she works, her mechanics and and maps is essential to learn her movements and how to counter her. Yes shes extremely high sealing of skills and learning curve but if you take your time learning her a bit it can change the way you counter her. I think in my personal OP is balanced. I will admit i have run in to frustration from Amazing Tracer players, but i just remind myself its just 1 match and will take my time to practice and learn from my Recordings.
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At least she needs a 15% ult charge rate decrease for Pulse Bomb

Even at the pro level, pulse bomb is hit or miss. Its a finnicky skill that for some players, even the best of them, cant get value out of it 100% of the time.

At ladder play, pulse bombs can occasionally get 2-3 kills, but at most times its just damage, or 1 kill at most.
Please don't listen to this Blizzard. Tracer is fantastic to play. If they want an easier character to play, they can pick Soldier.

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