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So whenever I try to get onto the game, it'll load up, and on the main menu, I can't do anything, none of the menu options show that I'm highlighting them, even though the cursor is over an option like "Training," or "Social." I logged out so I could get to the log in menu, and it'll show that I'm clicked into the text box to type, but when I go to type, nothing gets typed in, so I try to go click on the other text box, it doesn't show that I clicked into it, so I go to exit the game, and it doesn't show that I'm highlighting the button even though my mouse is over the "Exit to Desktop" Option

This sounds like a possible Overlay or display conflict. I would recommend to try the following steps to see if we can quickly get to the bottom of the issue!

Step 1) Place the system into Selective Startup. This action will disable background programs and help narrow down the possible conflict.

Step 2) Goto your Documents folder -> Delete the Overwatch folder. This action will revert the game back to default settings.

Step 3) Before we retest double check your display drivers and the Operating System are fully updated. If you need assistance with this step we offer a support article Here or your system manufacturer can assist you.


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