After changes, hacking health packs won't feel as rewarding

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02/12/2018 12:01 AMPosted by Husker
I’m hoping that it discourages the current method of throwing translocator on a health pack, poking a bit and getting out. It’s frustrating to play against and to have on your team

I honestly believe that developers do not like single dimension heroes and plays. That's why they kept widowmaker's hook slide in my opinion. Sadly Sombra does not have any decision making involved in her current game play. Even the most "simplistic" heroes like Torb, Symmetra and Mercy have a lot of decision making involved to compesate the lack of "aim" needs.

While I agree that it doesn't feel rewarding and I'm a fan of "run and gun", giving her ultimate with health packs enhances one dimensional game style. Giving her a reward for getting healed by hack packs may not affect low/mid ranks much, but I believe it is broken in coordinated ranks such high ranks and 3/4 stacks.
I just want Sombra to be more of a true dps instead of some weird support hybrid.

The changes went in the right direction, no doubt. Hack time can be discussed but the decreased bullit spread is sorely needed!!!
02/11/2018 08:49 PMPosted by LordzBacon
So then we need a hero who can cancel Sombra from hacking. Being hacked so quickly without a second to counter.

Every hero counters her. Just shoot her. The same excuse people is for symetras only sombra does not deal damage with her hack.
what made sombra inconsistent was that she depended on others to build up her ult a bit too much

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