Hanzo just doesn't feel fair

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Does anyone else just have a bad taste in their mouth about Hanzo?
Getting insta-killed from getting shot in the feet never feels good. It feels cheap when I play Hanzo and do it to others, and cheaper when it hits me. Especially for Orissa. If I get head-shot from widow, it is rough, but it feels more fair and like more like skill was involved in comparison. Getting killed by Hanzo just often feels like bull-crap.

Playing with a Hanzo on my side also doesn't feel great because it often feels like they are off doing their own thing not with the cohesion of the team.

I'm not sure if Hanzo is OP or under-powered. I have just found that I have less fun in games where Hanzo is involved on either side. I think something needs to be done. What do you think?
01/31/2018 02:19 PMPosted by iceshadow
And please NO MORE scatter arrows. Please.

I honestly didn't read the length of the post, just this and the first sentence.

Jeff addressed this already. They're working on it. Relax and wait.
I'll agree with playing as and with him, even when I'm playing Hanzo and do well, I just feel like it was more RNG than skill anyway, doesn't feel satisfying to scatter arrow someone you couldn't see, nor to hit someone you obviously shouldn't have.
Hanzo is one the worst heroes in the game and he feels unfair? That’s funny. Hanzo needs a buff. Do you say it’s unfair when Doomfist punches you?
says the torb/mercy main.
let the QQ begin. just wait until dev buff hanzo. lol
I'm so so Hanzo. But when I miraculously get head shot, head shot. "My aim is true." I feel like, oh yea hell Hanzo. You got my back buddy and then I do a scatter shot and get another. Feels like a random Robin Hood on steroids. I seen some really skilled Hanzo and their kills aren't just about all scatter arrow. I don't think he needs a nerf. That's just my two cents.

Scatter Arrow is like part of Hanzo's identity. Legend has it the Hanzo can even kill people in his sleep.

hes fine, nor he needs nerf nor he needs buffs.
Yeah I really don't think it's fair that I can put up my sheild and face the right direction and there is nothing in this world that could save Hanzo from me.
It's easy to kill with scatter yes, but it is also easy to kill Hanzo with whatever you want.
What's the use in complaining about something they already said they're going to change?
I don't think he feels unfair. Scatter arrow is unfair and cheesy and cheap, but Hanzo in general kinda isn't.
I mean D.va winston having more mobility than most squishies and also killing them with 0 effort isn't fair either.

Better complain about the F tier hero though and pretend the meta picks are fine and balanced.
01/31/2018 03:58 PMPosted by Hayaishi
Better complain about the F tier hero though
D.Va and Winston take more effort to kill squishies with their entire kit than scatter arrow takes to kill a tank.
He don't bother me none.
01/31/2018 06:37 PMPosted by AdunSaveMe
01/31/2018 03:58 PMPosted by Hayaishi
Better complain about the F tier hero though
D.Va and Winston take more effort to kill squishies with their entire kit than scatter arrow takes to kill a tank.

not work like that, its about consistency, with hanzo you need to be so GODLIKE to land head shots, than holding 1 click with no aim, and crush your face in your keyboard to kill someone.
How the...

...are we really complaining about Hanzo?

Flashbang + Hammerfan doesn't feel good either.

Nor does dying to a genji deflecting shots thru walls or behind him feel good.

Or having either of them insta kill you shortly after hearing their ults.

Say what you want but it's not as easy to insta kill a hero with scatter arrow as you make it seem to be. Often times the maps flooring causes the scatter to fail or not be viable at all. There are hero's such as Zenyatta and Moira where the scatter arrow often times will just go right under them because they're floating. Also, you can actually dodge a scatter arrow shot if you jump at the right time. Yes, you may need a bit of intuition and/or seeing them shoot at you, but after all he is a sniper, and traveling without any caution can and should get you punished. Much like a widow shooting someone walking in a straight line. Or a flanker attacking you from the back.

Jeff giving that Orisa example was bad. Last I checked, Orisa had a concave shield, an ability to fortify you to take less damage. That's two viable options (with relatively low cooldowns) that negate a window of opportunity for Hanzo to 1 shot you.
It is acknowledged officially and they are locking for a solution.

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