Ana could use a minor buff

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Can developers increase her rifle clip capacity? Her healing is inconsistent already because her weapon is projectile based and demands good aim. Low clip size makes things even more inconsistent.
She’s only one the absolute lowest winning heroes

In every tier of competitive.

On every platform

She’s TOTALLY fine guys...
14 ammo clip and -1sec for sleep. thats what i want.
Shoot through shields

She has a sniper like rifle. Let her heal through shields
Making hipfire hitscan and giving her a wall-climb like the Shimadas would be fantastic. It doesn't even have to be a fast climb, maybe she can crawl up it slowly because she's old.
Her negative win rate shows how she's still not in a good state. The time it takes to fire each shot, considering she can only fire 10 at a time before she gets stopped by that slow as heck reload animation, makes sense to increase her clip size.

I feel like she needs some sort of ability like all the snipers have to reach high ground, since she's the only one who doesn't have that advantage. Some sort of widow's hook would be nice, she feels really slow.
I love the idea. It's just what she needs.
Let's give Ana a slight movement speed buff for 1s everytime she hits a target, it will allow her to keep distance from the enemy and be able to heal the more mobile teamates.
I really wish she could pull herself up onto ledges
I would rather like to have a passive selfheal ability. She could use her grenade less for herself and more for allies and against enemy. So the effect of her grenade wouldnt be wasted by using it for selfheal.

I dont mind to have also a bigger clip size tho. But both buffs are probably too much.

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