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if sombra is changed to deal more damage, wouldnt this just buff shield heavy high damage static comps (like orisa bastion torb rein stuff)?

sombra is a pretty nice counter to those since she can hole up and farm emp with healing, then coordinate with team to get a teamwipe on the cheese comp. if the proposed changes go through, this comp will not be countered at all by sombra. i dont particularly think this is very good, very little damage goes through shields, junrkat/pharah spam can only get you so far, and normal comps you get queued into dont really have the focus fire to successfully dive those.

i also think a lot of sombras other abilities will be MUCH more annoying if sombra can reliably deal damage and disable some passive abilities. for example, her ability that makes you visible through walls, or even just sombras extremely high mobility could create issues

honestly i like sombra where she is. she fits a pretty unique, fun, niche, and people i encountered in matches are just starting to get her mechanics without me having to tell them. now she's just gonna be another super mobile dive hero for bullying supports.
The changes make her so much easier to play, do you want her to just be an EMP bot who gets rewarded for taking damage? You charge EMP quickly with lower spread because more damage = faster ult charge.

You can finally be healed by your healers without worrying about not getting EMP fast enough. She's more self sufficient now and can finish her own kills most of the time. Her niche isn't gone, her hack will be much more powerful and she'll finally feel worthwhile to play.
I understand your point of view, but even if weaker against static defense, it means more opportunities to bastion / junkrat / symmetra (RMB) to shine.

And again, as someone who play her quite a bit, it is frustrating to see your target flying away with 5hp when you emptied your weapon and being healed before you reloaded...

It was also frustrating to « feel chained » to your health pack... I want to give it a try, it can be interesting tho! Especially since (let’s be honest here) sombra 1.0 is clearly not going well (or can be much better without being broken)
Blizzard clearly wants to experiment with getting Sombra away from being reliant on her ultimate, which is quite fair. The current playstyle of Sombra contradicts the way a lot of people want to play her, and overall isn't too satisfying, especially if your team isn't making the most of EMP or if the enemy prepares well enough to not let themselves get EMP.

I am, admittedly, worried that these shield comps you discussed will become more of a problem at the lower half of ranked play, and that's a real thing to be concerned about. I see Blizzard's intent here even in the way they expect Sombra to interact with this meta, specifically, they're allowing her to get her regular hacks off much easier. This means that when opposed by a tanky, shield-heavy comp, Sombra won't need to charge EMP just to wipe everyone out, but instead can more reliably hack a key target -- like one of the tanks, or Bastion -- and create an opening for her team to press on. At the upper half of play, this shouldn't be a big issue, but the more uncoordinated ranks are going to have trouble getting used to this. Low level Sombras are hard to come by already, they'll be even harder to find if her skill floor is raised up.

I'm really, really hoping that unlike other patches, Blizzard actually takes their time with Sombra on PTR. These are significant changes being proposed for a hero that can very easily feel too debilitating. They need to give her some time and make micro adjustments to see how they can balance everything. Otherwise Sombra is going to be able to hack enemies far too freely and secure a worthwhile amount of damage, on top of having fantastic mobility, escapes, and utility.
I feel like being useful outside of spamming and farming ult will be so much more rewarding. Especially with how hack /emp actually counters some of the annoying Passives now making it a far stronger ult
I don't think the changes are bad so far, I actually think they are really good! Genji who can't double jump after being hacked? I wished for this for so long!

I just hope they balance her carefully and not make her the fotm dps until she gets nerfed again.
I think you'll find that these changes will change her playstyle for the better. With the current patch you generally go in, deal damage, take damage and get out. When you get out, you hide in a room until your cooldowns are off and then you rinse and repeat the same process until you have your ultimate for the next teamfight.

It's not the exact same scenario, but I'm gonna say the current playstyle from most Sombra players is getting pretty darn close to Mercy pre-ultimate change where she hid with her ult and waited until the teamfight was over to rez everybody. Different effect but same sort of playstyle.

With the new upcoming patches Sombra will be a much more versatile hero and will be able to join new metas, strategies and comps she would not have previously. She will most likely adapt to new, more interesting, and fun playstyles which will make her less of an ult bot and overall a much more fun and interesting hero to play.

Edit: Would like to add that you could deny healthpacks for utility as you push rather than keeping them as healing accessories.
She still has EMP, its just less frequent. her focus lies in her regular hack now. If you're up against cheese comps, just hack the Bastion and blast your clip into Orisas head which is the size of jupiter.
I agree and disagree, I don't like the changes because I think it's making Sombra another "all rounder" like Tracer and Genji and I believe she should be a more conditional character that's based on maps and their health pack locations. Increasing Hack speed and Hack/EMP's effect over removing the delay on comming out of stealth is a mistake because it lets her Hack too freely, she should have to position and surprise opponent's to get the Hack off at all and not only would removing the delay on comming out of stealth help that but also give her the option of "assassinating" an enemy by attacking them instead since Hack is worthless vs some targets. Tightening the spread on the gun is fine, but not at the cost of removing all of the ultimate charge from Sombra's hacked health packs because it completely redefine's her playstye - which I personally really like. They should try to strike a balance between increasing EMP's ultimate charge cost and decreasing her weapon spread so that she has to do more damage in order to get EMP and just leave Hack alone since it's so debilitating if it does go off vs a lot of characters. Their proposed design is actually taking away from her character and risking her being a universal "Hack every thing" answer, it reminds me a lot of the "Iron Beak Owl" problem from Hearthstone just waiting to happen in Overwatch and Winston/, Tracer/Sombra, Moira/Lucio Dive comps would be annoying as hell.
02/12/2018 02:35 AMPosted by Schnibbi
I don't think the changes are bad so far, I actually think they are really good! Genji who can't double jump after being hacked? I wished for this for so long!

I just hope they balance her carefully and not make her the fotm dps until she gets nerfed again.

I hope so too. I think less ult small spread change of 10% and a better hack just makes her more reliable But isn't necessarily a buff to push her right into meta.

A hero being able to be more reliable in her niche and some other scenarios is exactly ehat she needed. But it's not like what they did with junkrat straight from trash tier to God tier or at least top tier in higher ranks/ outside console

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