If Genji got nerfed hard what would be your response

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It would be bull!@#$ cause he doesn’t need a nerf at all lmao. He needs a bug fix that’s all
I would keep playing him, he is my favorite hero of Overwatch.
Depends on the nerf. I don't play him myself but I wouldn't feel too good about heroes that usually takes a lot of practice and time to be good at nerfed because of people who "Just want to have fun".
I wouldn't care. I would instead ask the developers when they are going to buff Reaper.
Maybe I'll throw a temper tantrum like those Moira mains and write a I quit post that nobody cares as I wait for the matchmaker?
*"Kool & The Gang - Celebration" plays in the distance*
I will give every Sombra player a imaginary cookie
It depends on the type of nerf he receives, if it's something way too harsh then for all the dislike I have for Genji, even I will probably ask Blizz to throw Genji a bone.
"They only needed to fix the deflect visual to match the hitbox"
it would be fair if they also nerfed mercy again with it. nerf the couple to the ground.
Depends on the nerf, honestly.

02/12/2018 10:59 AMPosted by TheramoreITB

I'd be happy, because the game would actually be slightly more fun.

Now only if they removed Genji, Honzo, and Widow entirely we could have a fun team-based shooter game, instead of 3v3 with 3 people playing those heroes as if they were playing TDM solo.
I'd still play him
He has 3 passives:

1, Wall Climb
2, Double Jump
3, Dash Reset

Sorry but thats bogus, 1 of them has to go.

He has 3 bugs that benefit him greatly

1, He doens't lose ult if killed during the animation start process, everyone else does.
2, Because of network latency his dash allows him to invulnerability almost 70% of the time even when being hit point blank at the start/med of the dash, the only time it does register if he gets hit towards the end of the dash.
3, His deflect is the most bugged ability in the game, deflect hitbox is the largest in the game, can go thorugh walls, even behind him, during a double jump while deflecting he effectively has a Full sphere of protection.

So yeah, genji is long due for a nerf in the current state. Or other heros need to be buffed, already I see genji mains crying hard about moira, I say moira isn't enough!
That would just mean that there is no longer any reason whatsoever to pick him over Tracer and I have been practicing her on my alt for a while now so I would probably just start maining her instead.
complain about the nerf

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