Why are games always so one-sided?

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has anyone else noticed this?

It's either a landslide victory or you get stomped hard...could just be my games...but ALL games are either those outcomes, it's never really close
Yeah it's far more like to stomp or be stomped rather than find yourself in an interesting mostly level playing field.
Majority of the games are like that. Which is why those games that are close fights are really enjoyable to the point you don't even care if at the end you lose, 'cause close fights with both teams giving it their all are the best.
The funny thing is, I thought Blizzard's matchmaking deliberately arranged players to prevent stomp games and give a more interesting fight. Yet most games I play are still rolls for one side or the other. Maybe 1 out of 5 games I play in QP aren't complete stomps, and maybe 1 out of 5 of those aren't mere turnarounds where the defending team managed to hold the last point of a payload map after getting stomped the rest of the way.

In this world, it's roll or be rolled.
I think games can get so snowbally because of the way the ultimate economy works. Just play a mystery heroes game and watch this snowball gets turned up to the max.
Since Blizzard are terrible at match making.
It's actually a lot to do with the nature of the game, a fight snowballs really quickly and just keeps rolling. Momentum is so important in Overwatch, especially in matchmaking where people trickle and don't try to group up, which always leaves the team "stomping" with man adavantage. I mean if you look at the pros play you actually still see it a lot. Just the nature of the beast
These days I either go on massive win streaks where we stomp the enemy team mercilessly or go on massive loss streaks where my team can barely leave spawn. There is no in-between. I very rarely experience games where it was a very close fight. Those are satisfying games. Even when you lose you leave that game feeling like you had a good time and learned something.
Lately this has been getting even worse. Blizzards matchmaking is !@#$.
I was fairly frustrated about this too, but you can definitely turn the tide mid-game! Once I realized that, I was instantly happier about lopsided games.

Just yesterday our group got absolutely hammered when defending in Numbani in the first round... until we stopped them at the choke just before the final destination. How? I don't know. Not sure what happened with the enemy team then, because we won our attack with ease afterwards.

So, maybe match making isn't that bad, because it can't account for team synergy.
Some of the games are hideously lopsided from the start, even a basic ability such as combining the levels of each side seems to escape blizzard, that is before you get into the nuances of it.
50/50 forced win rate if you won last match blixxard will try their best too give you a loss for the next match
02/03/2018 06:41 AMPosted by Embattle
Since Blizzard are terrible at match making.

This isnt it at all...

1. Because of the game design, its VERY easy with any amount of poor play on the defenders side, to have a game swing hard. Two people trickle in or die late? Forget the next Team Fight, you have already lost it.

2. Because of the MMR, games are even. Because people dont have to play their Main's, in QP especially you have Support or Tank Mains go DPS, or Double Sniper, or any number of idiotic failure meme comps, and guess what? Maybe your opponents play their mains, or a real comp, and you get your teeth kicked in.

3. Lost a healer early? Lost a bunch of Ult charge potential? Well RIP you then because the other team didnt and now your Ult Economy is destroyed.

People comment about how OWL has so many 4-0's, but they dont seem to grasp that 1 small thing can turn a stall/balanced fight into a complete rout.

Snowballing is built into how the game functions.
Blizzard matchmaking system in all their games for last 15 years are pitiful.
5v6 is a world of difference.

all 12 players are not evenly skilled.

counterpicks matter.

one persons lucky.

one persons drunk.

someones sharing their account / boosting / boosted.

you lost on matchmaking ( 4 mercy only mains, no dps mains, enemy team got a favorable 2-2-2 organization on comfortable heroes)

your team failed to regroup and or the enemy team simply got ults before you did.


my fav is a healthy mixture of the above to create the current OW competitive we know and love.

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