Competitive: When should I start? Impact of CTF?

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I have two questions on competitive mode. Insight would be appreciated!

1) Are the skill ratings in regular comp and comp CTF linked? I've never completed a placement, so I don't have any rating. Is there a preferred order to complete these?

2) With two weeks remaining in this season, is it worth completing my "regular" placement matches? Am I better off jumping in once the next season starts?
to my knowledge, regular comp and CTF comp SR have no relationship to eachother

im gold in normal comp and diamond in CTF comp
There is a relationship with regard to when you first start doing your placement matches.

When I first started, all my opponents were 4200 SR+ (for normal competitive), but as I kept going I got put up with/against master players because apparently I feed hardcore in CTF.

As to whether or not you should start playing right now, it's up to you, but do remember that if you place silver, even if you get to GM the very next season, people will still flame you for once being in silver.
I'd be perfectly happy with silver. :-) My gameplay is less than sharp after months of playing mostly AI games so I could get the hang of the full roster.

It just feels like it's time to get into the swing of things. Rip off the bandage and take my lumps in S8. I guess I'll start off with the regular placement matches.

I appreciate the feedback! Anyone else?

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