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I had an idea after hearing about Torb being on the list for changes. How about you can build a few different things at once. His standard turret, a flamethrower turret that is close range but goes through shields and an armor pack machine that other characters have to walk through or over to get armor, To upgrade or repair you need scrap. So over time you could potentially have 3 level 2 machines if none are destroyed ( normal lvl 2 turret, larger/ longer flamethrower with more dmg, and armor created more frequently at the armor station). When you go molten core you can up grade them again by physically building them up to level 3 maybe with a single hit or 2. I think this would make him more viable and be more of a micro manager which could be cool. Let me know what you guys think. What do you think Jeff? Lol.
Torb's weakness is his lack of mobility rather than anything else.

Overwatch is a very dynamic game, that's why all the builders are seen as weak. Once they put their kit down, they can't do anything if someone blows past it. At least not without more time to setup again.

I feel like if they are going to make any change to Torb or Sym, they'll have to make them useful somehow in situations where they have to move or relocate rather than anything else.
Yes, please. Torb needs to build more stuff.
True about mobility. You could give him a rocket pack that feels like Junkrats mine, and then he can rocket jump over to all of his machines .Hahahaa peerfect! lol.
let torb wallclimb
I had an idea like this an I think its whats needed. I should say though being able to upgrade 3 things to level 2 strikes me as OP, I'd make it he can build up to 3 levels across his buildings, either a level 2 and a level 1 thing or 3 level one things. His ult would simply allow level 2 things to be upgraded to level 3 but not effect the total number of stuff he is allowed. Sorry the terminology here is really hard to make clear.

I think he should be allowed to put down multiple building of the same type (i.e. more than 1 turret) as with this system he would not be able to have loads of level 2 turrets which would be OP. Him needing to generate scrap to build/upgrade sounds good too.

The flame thrower turret sounds really cool, I'd love that and my ideas were a smaller armor barrier he can put down for cover, a scrap dispenser (I think just dropping armor would be a bit too strong) and a jump pad for him and his team.
- Tighten critbox
- A bit faster weapon switch
- Reload magnetically attracts scrap within an area
- Armor pack cost reduced to 40
- Can drop an armor pack on turrets to help build through minor damage
- Increase hammer swing arc slightly
Im pretty sure its been mentioned before, but going along the lines of mobility, why not give him the option of either building a turret or a jump pad? It could be different from map jump pads by having a cooldown between jumps, or only allies can use it etc. Not sure what the jump pad would do during molten core though
These are the changes I would make.

- reduce crit box a bit

- get rid of level 1 turret. Level 1 has no use. No one uses it.
Make the current level 2 turret the level 1 turret.

- level 2 turret be something else. Like area denial, or have a 75-100 hp shield like Bastion used to have in the beta.
Or make it gain movement. So it moves around a certain area.
What I'd like to see is for Torbjorn to have a new ability to use when he doesn't have a Turret down.

This ability would not be very powerful, but what it would is charge a resource meter type thing that would allow him to instantly put down a level 2 turret when filled.

This would give him an extra bit of utility when he doesn't have a turret, without actually making him stronger when he does have one.
Please guys, stop trying to get everything completely reworked.

Not everything needs a ground up rework.

Torb just needs some buffs.
And PLEASE stop trying to make him a turret slave by forcing him to collect scrap to upgrade his turret.

I've played a lot of TF2 and one thing that just completely kills the flow of battle is having a level 3 sentry completely locking off a entire area, utterly steamrolling everything in the entire vicinity.

And being a turret slave having to constantly tie yourself to your turret, holding mouse 1 on it all day and playing 'collect stuff for upgrades and repairs!" is not fun to play.

Blizzard found a good middleground by allowing Torb himself to do actual damage and not make his turret this unstoppable force that completely dominates a entire area.

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