[YIAY #1] What's the Best Skin?

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Winged Victory Mercy OR her new skin; I forget its name.
Baihu Genji. Makes me wish I could play Genji, but I stink. Reminds me of a Warhammer White Lion which I thought was cool when that MMO was around.
02/13/2018 10:01 AMPosted by Reaper
It's a tie between every Reaper skin.
You're awesome >.<
Winged Victory. Period.

If people are able to look past the fact that it's revealing and only like it because of that reason, the skin is actually really beautiful.
Between Baihu Genji, Butcher Roadhog, and Winged Victory Mercy for me.
Baihu Genji
From top to bottom... Pure Awesomeness
Blackwatch Genji, but Kabuki Hanzo, Capoeira Lucio, Young Ana, and Blackwatch McCree round out my top 5
Cobalt Mercy (with golden weapon), unless Boston Uprising Ana is an option. I just like the blue and yellow color schemes.
Seoul Dynasty genji
Winged victory

Grill master 76

Graffiti Tracer
It's between Mercy's winged Victory/Vermillion bird


Symmetra's oasis/dragon

I can;t decide between them >.<
Get out JOHN I can hardly see my screen over your forehead. #YIAYskin
I don't even play him, but - Reinhardt's Crusader skin. That glorious hair!

Also, who's today's sponsor?
02/13/2018 06:42 PMPosted by Raikeran

Also, who's today's sponsor?

Probably Lucio-ohs. They've been advertising a lot recently.
Crusader Reinhardt.

American McCree. Combine that and his new highlight intro, and you'll have the most badass American potg to ever exist.
Mercy's Witch skin, because she looks so sexy in it.

Or Moira's Glam because I'm a huge David Bowie fan.

My last vote is Reinhardt's Crusader because I love the animated short and I'm getting really good with him.
02/13/2018 09:43 AMPosted by Xian396
Mercy's Winged Victory Skin. Cause I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology.
edit: lol also cause the fact that im actually masquerading as the victory goddess Nike in that skin makes me feel all so powerful. I get to choose who survives, who dies. I am life and death incarnate. It is my will Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.

Also, I swear to the gods playing with Widow's beach skin increases my accuracy.
Rumoured Hero 27?
That's Alexander Hammond

Also OP, my vote is Totally 80's Zarya. Who doesn't love the 80's aesthetic?
Mighty Morphin' Genji Ranger, Dracula Reaper, or Tentayatta as I call it.

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