Why haven't we had any new defence heroes yet?

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So far we've had

Where's defence? Have they just been forgotten about?

I think a new defence hero, one that properly counters 'dive' is desperately needed and long overdue
Because the community would get mad if we got another DPS before a tank or another support.
What is a defense hero?

They should named "situational hero's".
I would rather fix the ones we already have.
Considering how the entire category has been in need of a rework since release, I would consider the lack of new Defense heroes an improvement. Whatever they had in mind for "defense" simply hasn't worked so far.

Torbjorn is undergoing extensive changes because he has been synonymous with "troll pick" since launch. Bastion is a joke. Mei's pickrate is abysmal and is also being worked on. Hanzo is in a horrible state, only kept alive by Scatter Arrow.

Junkrat and Widowmaker can be considered reliable picks, but it took an incredibly long time to get where they are now, as they too were F-tier, troll pick status heroes.
Because most of the defense heroes are horrible right now so I'm assuming they would want to focus on them before adding any new defense heroes.

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