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I got muted midgame for telling a Rein to not charge a full hp hog because we wont win the duel. The guy reported me for flaming.
Im only toxic to players that throw games on porpuse .

I cant stand this community any more. Overwatch is becoming more a 'safe space' than a game nowdays. Every negative thing you say, even if you say it with the intent of making someone improve is flaming.

'Hey man can you swap?' = flame
'Hey man, why you pick genji agaisnt their comp is not working' = flame
'You didnt go any damage' = flame
'we need another healer, you guys need to swap ' = flame
'hey man, can you speak english, no one here speaks french' = flame and racism (yep, EU servers are a joke)

I've played since day one and i've never seen a player that genuinely toxic. ony players like me that get mad over kids throwing games for no reason. If I call a thower stupid or retarded im considered the toxic one? For real? And the guy ruining 11 peoples games, he wont get banned , and i get flagged for being a flamer?

Grow up, you want to make overwatch a good esport? Stop rewarding stupid people that get turned on by making others life miserable and start adding proper punish for throwers and rage quitters. the game doesnt need more pointless skins or casual events, the game needs a proper competitive system that rewards teamplay and communication.

But why am I even saying this? Blizzard wont care to reply, probably gonna delete the post like many others!

Keep buying lootboxes guys!
Toxic post. ;-)
02/10/2018 05:01 PMPosted by Rickasaurus
Toxic post.

Report me for flaming aswell man :)

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