How does Hog's Heal not drop flag?

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Every game = Hog / Dva / Lucio
Not immortality or high movement. But i agree. It should drop the flag. That 50% damage resistance and 300 health gain is too much.
Jeff actually said it on the video "Movement abilities" will drop the flag. As far as i know hogs healing does not give him a movement boost.
Just have a hog of your own and hooked him back. Or a Mei to block him. Also, if you know hog is in front, have your Ana keep a bionade at hand. That new CTF, even more than the original game, is all about counter picking.
CC or Ana nade. Problem solved.
Run characters to counter his heal? Ana nade, Flashbang from McCree, Mei freeze/Wall, A roadhog hook.

The big issue is really Lucio. He must drop flag on wall ride otherwise its just whoever has the quickest lucio rollouts wins.
Mobility is key to winning, but so is the ability to counter mobility. It makes different heroes viable.

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