Rework a Hero into a different Role

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Take any hero in the game and rework their abilities so they are categorized in a different role.

Example: Genji (Offense -> Support)
-Swift Strike now slows enemies.
-Deflect makes deflected projectiles heal allies.
-Dragonstrike no longer does damage, but each swing of the sword heals allies for 120hp.

What are your crazy ideas?
Mercy (Useless -> Support)
- Revert Mercy

lol I had to.
(Tank —-> Doomfist)

Remove shield. No cooldowns on charge.

Defense —> Tank.

She is already a tank hybrid.
Just increase her health and make her wall see through for teammates.
Mei (Defense->Tank)

Increase HP to 400

Widen the spread on her primary fire, let it affect multiple people like Moira's spray, but remove it's ability to freeze people solid (only slows).

Decrease the damage on her secondary fire, especially at long range.

Decrease the cooldown on her wall, but also decrease how long it lasts and how much health each pillar has (say, 500->200, only lasts 1 sec), so it gets used more to block bursts of damage (like's Def. Matrix or a Zarya bubble), and less to split teams in half.
Tank Doomfist:
- Health increased (250hp, 100 armour)
- earned barriers are applied to all allies within medium range, reduced decay rate
- ability cooldowns and damage are both reduced (generate barriers more often)
Mercy to Offense.

Her healing beam now no longer heals, but sucks the life of enemies with 70 dps (life steal).
Her Guardian Angel is now renamed to Valkyrie and she can fly around for 5 seconds at a time.

She still has the pistol.

Her ult is now a staff slam that deals 600 damage when it hits the ground and it is like's ult (LoS).

Her E is a self revive.

I had this idea for ages (and the staff idea before even Moira).
Symmetra (Support that doesn't heal -> Healer)

Her turrets reworked into healing fountains. Teammates who are in range of her turrets are healed for 30HP/sec by a healing stream. Turrets are fragile though, having 1HP and easily destroyed.

Her ultimate reworked into a regeneration chamber. The Hard Light object has 1000 HP. Teammates with critical health (when the first aid sign appears for healers informing them they are almost dead) may use the chamber to bring themselves back to full health immediately. Symmetra, also, has the unique ability to carry the corpses of her teammates with her primary weapon. She may tractor a teammate's corpse into the regeneration chamber, effectively resurrecting them. For the amount of HP recovered or rez'd, the regeneration loses an equivalent amount of HP.

Symmetra's flying mobile shield turns into a mobile healing field. All Teammates the healing field touches, are healed at a rate of 30HP/sec for a total of 2000HP or until the field smashes into a wall.

Primary weapon kept the same for self defense purposes.

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