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9 loss streak. 3 trolls (literally trolling ) 4 leavers. 2x one trick genji against his counters. Blizzard need spank.
Weird how I rarely get any of those things. Have you ever thought that your anger might be the problem?
Oh. trust me. I spend 80% of game babysitting of others. I am calm person. Introvert. Problem is plat tier. First post is not exaggeration. Widow laughing and do only one thing. run to the enemy and die. Gengu dont swap against 4 counters. 90% of game dying and spawning. ( 2x today ). Leavers over and over again. A group of three people who say they are worthless anyway and playing comp only for fun.
And of course. My favourite. Choke is hard defended. They are camped very well. and NOBODY goes the second way. ( nepal ) I begged. I wrote. I spoke. NO. Just go to the choke and immediately died. 4 minutes. 6x against bastion, junk and others. Dont care. ITS BASICS from first 3 hours of game. Map have more then one way. OMG

Only TODAY. 150 SR gone. I have 58-61% win perc on my Tanks main. Maybe the game tries to kick me down to 50% ? i dont know. I watched 2 plat streamers from CZ. Same experience. OW is cancer.
To be frank, the only thing you can really do is report throwers, trolls and leavers, stop playing comp for the day and have some fun in QP to release anger (playing angry will just make things worse without you even realizing it). And yes, there are iffy things with the system, but what can we do. This forum is full of complaints (a lot of them are on those streaks) but as you see nothing really changes for ages in that regard. Sorry for your loss streak, been there myself and I know how this feels, but if I'm to be honest, I really doubt Blizzard is going to do anything about comp issues anytime soon. (and YES, that sucks)
Thanks Outcast
Competitive in Overwatch haves a lot of issues that needs to be fixed by the developers but who knows when they will actually focus on fixing competitive.

My brother also shares similar problem you’re facing. He will luckily when 3 to 6 games in a row. Then soon get a big losing streaks, mainly due to throwers/leavers on our team, smurfs on the other team, or the opponent team is just more dominate.
Even in Silver Rank, it never ends...

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