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Which heroes can this actually one-hit now? I know Hog used to be great at hook + shoot combo and kill almost any DPS/support hero instantly, but since it was changed what can he actually kill now?

I know you can kill Tracer cause 150 hp, and I've never been able to kill Lucio cause of the boop.
He can SOMETIMES one shot most of the squishies. Some like Zen and Moira are more likely to be 1 shot than say Ana, but that's only with the traditional combo.

Sometimes its best to soften them up with a right click before you try the hook. It tends to make them more squirmy if you wait too long to hook though, so finding a middle ground for the right click to hook is necessary for optimal kill secures.

Or I guess you could just do what I do, and kill everyone with just left and right clicks.
Not much of a Roadhog player, but I know you should be able to reliably get Junkrat, Moira and Doomfist, if done properly.
m1/m2-----> hook---> walk forward----> shoot--------> punch

one shot
Pharah he can 1shot pretty reliably.
Every 200 hp hero + reaper is one shottable with the hook + walk forward + m1 + melee combo. Some are harder to get consistently (lucio, genji, ana, reaper) especially if you hook them at a weird angle. But it is certainly doable and you should be able to have a 95+% success rate against most of the one shottable heroes.

If on top of that you hook targets that that have lost 5+ hp, 1 shotting become even easier.

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