We really need a new colorblind mode

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This is still really long overdue... they've been talking about redoing the colorblind mode ever since launch but haven't actually done anything yet.

Right now, the games colorblind mode is just a filter that changes every color in the entire game instead of just enemy outlines, which is the problem, because the most common type of colorblindness is red-green colorblindness- which means red outlines next to dark backgrounds is very hard to see.

In theory, making the outlines a bright pink or a dark purple would fix this, but the problem is that the current colorblind mode changes ALL red to that color, which means you have bright pink enemies now standing against a bright pink background, examples of the 4 different color modes listed below to show this problem. It's very noticeable on Route 66 because the walls have a red tint to them that gets shifted.

Default - https://i.imgur.com/Q0eofQz.png
Deuteranopia - https://i.imgur.com/oOKENDI.png
Protanopia - https://i.imgur.com/REOPYhD.png
Tritanopia - https://i.imgur.com/nYn8x4D.png

I am forced to use the Tritanopia one for reasons I'll explain down below.


Not only does it make the outliens still hard to see, but it also puts in plenty of new problems that actually make it HARDER for colorblind people then it would be to just not use any filter.
The way the filters work is by changing all red on the screen to one color, and all blue to another color- for example, the tritanopia filter will change all red to purple and all blue to green... but in doing this, it adds twice as much purple and green to the game.

For example, Ana's anti-grenade makes peoples health bars turn purple so you can tell they are anti naded, but when you're using the tritan filter then they're already purple so... how can I tell someone is antid? (Yes, I know about the little icon above their head, but it's pretty much invisible when the entire game is purple)

It's also difficult (especially in the middle of a fight) with the other filters too, but mainly bad with the tritan filter, examples below.

Default - https://i.imgur.com/I41Md40.png
Deuteranopia - https://i.imgur.com/zDcKqhV.png
Protanopia - https://i.imgur.com/zHQ37ct.png
Tritanopia (LOL) - https://i.imgur.com/iDGUwUb.png

As you can see, its !@#$ing impossible to even see how much HP widow has on the tritan filter, which again is the one I use... why you may ask? Because the two other filters make the enemy and friendly teams the same color... (for colorblind people, at least) which means that trying to figure out whos winning a team fight in the kill feed is actually impossible, and shooting teammates becomes a regular thing. Examples below.
I realize it looks like two very different colors, but in the heat of battle especially with mercy rezes going around and %^-*, it's hard to just glance at it and understand what's going on. I have to really stare.

Deuteranopia - https://imgur.com/YFJUOsm
Protanopia - https://imgur.com/sQ7DghR


And my last example, Sombra and Moira.
I didn't have any footage for Moira sadly, but when you're using the tritan filter it makes the heal balls green for both teams, and the damage balls purple for both teams, so if theres a moria on both teams then I have no idea if its every a friendly or enemy ball which can be confusing.

And for Sombra, I can't count the amount of times I try to grab a HP kit thinking it's a friendly hack when it's actually an enemy back, because the Tritan filter makes them look almost the exact same color unless you're looking at them side by side. Example below.

Friendly kit - https://imgur.com/QMvAINb
Enemy kit - https://imgur.com/Ej4UFph

One final note, please keep in mind that if you're not colorblind then you will easily be able to see this !@#$ apart and might just laugh at me, so please try to keep in mind that for people who don't have a red cone, this game is a nightmare.


So yeah, as you can see, the filters are awful and unplayable and Blizzard has been talking about using the new OWL color system for a while now but hasn't shown any progress in Months, and with blizzard world coming out soon the map will actually be unplayable for me because the map (especially second point) is so damn colorful that I legit can't see anything no matter what filter I use, it's frustrating.

Thank you for reading and hopefully we can get some word from Blizzard about this very soon, an official response would be much appreciated.
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I support this.
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Surprised it hasn't been touched at all since launch.
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I very much agree
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It suck that not everyone can enjoy the game equally.
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Holy cow, those Sombra healthpacks are pretty much indistinguishable.
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As someone who isn't colorblind in the least, the Sombra kit especially blows my mind. I had to open the screenshots multiple times to determine which was which and only then can I barely tell.
Kolorblind is easily the biggest and most vocal (praise) of the colorblind community that plays this game. To think about all the silent players who either attempt it and struggle or have given up entirely breaks my heart.

Come on, Jeff. You're better than this.
Very well spoken. Hope this gets attention.
Yo what's up Kolor? Love your stream bro.
Didn't they also talk about having subtitles at some point? I remember someone making a post about it and Jeff replying about adding it.
Yes please. It's really frustrating to have enemies just disappear on certain background colors.
Just let me change the enemy colors to blue or yellow or white and I'll be happy, this dumb washed out filter nonsense does nothing. Even EA figured it out 10 years ago
i remember your original post. It is disappointing to see that they capitalized on the positive image that the response to your your topic gave them, by saying that they would improve the system, but, in the end, nothing was done.

As a person that doesn't suffer this kinds of problems, ever since they changed the graffics for the light effects, the game became even more of a shining mess (and if you turn down the brightness you can't see in dark corridors). I can't imagine how you guys deal with that stuff.
help out my fellow transgirl!
they also said they would add subtitles for deaf people to read when ultimates are being used .

sorry fam , they don't care or are incapable of doing something about it , they are busy with new skins, OWL , questionable balance changes , flawed report system and other things before helping their player base
Yeah that would be really important, but clearly the OWL has higher priority to basic access features so everyone can enjoy the game equally...even indie games have that, not that Blizzard isn't a very small indie company of course...
02/06/2018 12:41 PMPosted by Froilen
they also said they would add subtitles for deaf people to read when ultimates are being used .

sorry fam , they don't care or are incapable of doing something about it , they are busy with new skins, OWL , questionable balance changes , flawed report system and other things before helping their player base

Don't forget about them twiddling their thumbs.
It's utterly depressing that they keep ignoring us like this.

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