Those who queue up to throw, what leads you to do it?

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I am really curious because this happens in every game, on either team, someone is throwing for no reason since the start. Are you tilted from before? Do your parents hate you and you need to seek attention online? Help me understand.
This is an honest question I always ask myself. Why do people throw? I never understood what you gain even if it means making someone else's day miserable and you get some sort of sick satisfaction in this. You still have a chance to get reported and/or banned, why would you risk your you have multiple accounts? fine but it's still a waste of money...

had a thrower on my team yesterday that got reported by our team and enemy team. Today I got a response from Blizzard...I don't know if it was about the same person but I'm pretty sure as I only reported 2 people in the past week. Either way feels somewhat satisfying that SOME reports are not ignored. Either that or this person was reported so many times Blizz finally had to investigate
People call anything throwing these days. It's not throwing if they're just having their own fun, you don't have to assume they're automatically doing it out of anger/tilt/whatever. Maybe they're just trying a new playstyle.

The only person experiencing negativity is yourself, for caring so much about what teammates are doing. You have absolutely no control over that, so why care? Have your own fun, try something weird, it's Overwatch.

This isn't exactly a game that was meant to be played seriously. It's a chaotic random fun. People can play however they like, as long as they're not breaking any rules.

And before someone says "comp is serious", no it isn't, it's just quickplay with a number attached. That doesn't change the fundamentally casual and chaotic aspects of the game (that's what made it sell in the first place).
If people are toxic towards me i just move to having fun. Which for me is blaster mercy or symm

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