Why does blizzard think people enjoy mystery heroes?

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Let ppl have their fun omg. I personally don't mind mystery heroes, it's also a nice way to feel how it is to play a hero you never touched before.
i love mistery heroes, it's the only mode i play nowadays
02/01/2018 03:52 PMPosted by Matrim
Are you familiar with the concept of personal taste? Many people enjoy Mystery Heroes. Some are even in their right mind. Imagine that!

This. Im of right mind because crazy people dont know theyre crazy, but I know im crazy therefore im not crazy, isnt that crazy? (points to those that know)

Seriously mystery is good, infact it aids in trying out chars you normally wouldnt, just because you think the mode sucks doesnt mean it should go, your opinion isnt more important than anyone elses. If no one was playing it, im sure it would be put on the back burner but in all reality its probably one of the most popular arcade modes.
Blizzard doesn't think people enjoy Mystery Heroes, they know people enjoy Mystery Heroes. The permanent slots are based entirely on which modes are most popular, and Mystery Heroes is consistently one of the most popular game modes.

It's fun, and it also gives you a chance to practice heroes you wouldn't normally play.
Mystery is the only good mode.

CTF is only good for draws and is fairly dull. TDM is where most QP people are supposed to be since they don't approve of concepts like "objective" or "payload" over getting kills. Elim isn't something I got into. Don't hate, nor do I love it.

FFA is for bad days when you want to attack everything that moves, though in reality it's just hitscans/flankers. On a blue moon you can see a tank/support fooling around
I love Mystery Heroes. If you got a hero you like, then good job! I you got a hero you suck at (like me and Genji lol), then you can just jump off and hope you get a new hero.
MH is fun, but quickly becomes unfun if you get unlucky with stacks.

3 mercy's (haven't tried it since the patch) basically made entire teams quit. 3 Lucio's was hilariously OP. Let's not talk about 4x Hogs, I'm trying to repress that memory.

Would be nice if the RNG excluded heroes already in play on your team.
I love it because I have experience on almost every hero (do NOT give me Doomfist though.. ugh). It's usually a stomp fest or be stomped.. can be annoying if you're on a losing streak
The arcade game modes are rotated based on popularity. If a game mode really wasn't fun for lots of players, it wouldn't be there. Claiming something isn't fun for anyone just because you personally had a rough time playing it is just unreasonable. On that note, I'm off to play Mystery Heroes & get my lootboxes
02/01/2018 03:49 PMPosted by RonZertnert
This game mode !@#$ing sucks and keeps better more unique game modes

02/01/2018 03:49 PMPosted by RonZertnert
tdm, ctf, and elims

Mystery heroes is the best mode in the game! Clearly the data reflects that since it's always up and they always give us the most popular modes. It's the only one with zero toxicity, no one to complain about hero picks and everyone just wants to have a good time!
Because we do.
Because it's a fun mode?
Their numbers likely say that it is one of the most played modes so it stays up like deathmatch has been always available for a long time.
I love mystery heroes!
Personally, I actually enjoy this mode. Like others said, it's nice to try characters you never play in a setting where everyone else sucks too so you don't just get completely rolled over and yelled at.

I just wish it had a cap so you couldn't end up with multiples of the same character on a team. Also, it seems to often do long range heroes vs short range heroes and what not. Sometimes it seems to prefer certain heroes on a team (like you might play as pharah 3 times, but not once play as say, doomfist or something). Not quite as random as I expected.

Go play Call of Doodie, I like mystery hero’s
It's pretty much the only non-toxic game mode there is, so there's that. But even more importantly, it gives me heroes I don't usually play and nobody really cares if you suck with them. Also, things can get interesting when two or more people get the same hero. I had a game sometime ago and 4 of us spawned as Widow at the start xD
Its the most played mode so ... yeah, highly unlikely.

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