Genji is trash

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Don't know whatcha thinking but genji got actually absoulutely trash in this new tanky meta.
It's like you must switch heroes to counter or something.
Think ur cool being all like “new meta bleh bleh bleh”
That's why Genji is still one of the most played dps?
Genji’s value lies in picking off the baby D.Va and both supports in the new meta, he just isn’t as prevailant as before because of Mercy being phased out
Well, he was complete garbage last meta, and he is kinda weak this one. Nothing new, Genji really hasn't been meta since dive. People are still playing him because he is a hell of a lot of fun, but he certainly isn't strong right now.
Genji...Trash? That’s rich still one of the most annoying DPS on the game and a protected Dragonblade or Nanoblade absolutely destroys.
Genji is really weak atm

Moira is present in almost every match, along with 3 tanks

You literally can't do anything in most matches, moira hard counters you and genji was never good against tanks

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